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Another Shore by Nancy Bond
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Jan 31, 2008

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Started reading the book. It took me three days to get pass the first 15 pages. It was a slow start for me. There were too many characters for me to keep track of at once, when Lyn was with her friends. I’m still not sure I know who everyone is, but I skimmed over them because I assumed they’re not going to be important. So I hope that’s the case.

The first chapter is one big HUGE info dump. The interesting thing was I could almost go along with it. The way it was presented, in the context, it seemed natural that all this explanation would be dumped on us. The only problem is I couldn’t take it all in. I’ve forgotten a big chuck or I mixed it up with other information and it’s a bit mumble jumble.

Dating! I never paid attention to dating a book until it was pointed out that I’d done just that in mine. Now I seem to pick it up everywhere. I’m still not sure whether I have a problem with a book being dated. I normally look up when a book was published anyway before I start reading. In this book Lyn talks about her walkman. Brought back memories or when I got my first walkman. And it makes me feel OLD!

I got into the portion where Lyn ends up back in time. That was interesting. I wanted to keep reading when I got to that portion. Things finally got interesting. However it was late and I needed sleep. I’m excited about picking the book up again tonight. So that’s good. Finally getting into the story.

A little over a third of the way through the book. The adverbs modifying dialogue tags are driving me nuts. It’s not just a few here and there, it’s a lot throughout the entire book.

The story is moving forward. We’ve got a good sense of the time period, the setting of the time… We finally have moved on. One of the characters realized that Lyn-Elizabeth weren’t the same person. And we’ve learned that there is another lady back in this time that is just like Elizabeth. We also learned that time in the past moves much slower than time in the present.

I’m 2/3 through the book. It’s lost a little of it’s appeal in some ways, yet has really gotten interesting in another. I like the life that’s happening around Elizabeth/Lyn. How she deals with it—how history dealt with it, her thought comparison, how she goes along and accepts it, but tries to make changes here and there, where she can. That part is fascinating.

HOWEVER— We were introduced to a third character trapped in the past with Lyn too—Donald. He is the biggest wimp I have ever met. He’s annoying, weak, and I can’t stand him. At first I thought that this was okay. After all, it make Lyn seem stronger, puts her in charge… I’ve come to the conclusion though that the character isn’t aiding the book. I might hate him, that might be the authors intention, but I hate him so much whenever he appears I want to just completely skip over that portion of the book until he’s gone. In face I did that, and I missed some information at one point. But Donald was so annoying it was too hard to read.

Food for thought though, you can make a character dislikable, but you better make sure he’s not too much so that the reader is tempted to put the book down because he/she can’ stand to read about the character.

Finished the book. I so tired of reading unsatisfying books. I kept wondering how the book was going to end. How was Lyn going to get back to the present? I couldn’t figure it out. Well I couldn’t figure it out because she never makes it back to the present. I like books that leave me with a satisfied feeling when I end. This book left me angry and unable to sleep.

I’m trying to figure out why I’m so upset. I think partially because I expected Lyn to find a way back. Time travel usually means the character starts at one time, journey’s to another and then returns to his/her time. That’s the formula. That’s what people expect. This book broke that formula and left me with so many unanswered questions.

I liked Mathieu. I understand how Lyn could end up with him, make a life with him, but what about Lyn’s life from 1980s. Nothing gets explained. Granted she can’t know what happened because she can’t get back. Are we to assume that every year someone new will appear back in time and they’ll never be able to get back? Obviously time in the future moves much faster than time in the past, so wouldn’t another person have appeared in the time Lyn was there if someone new appeared every year? Was it just three people who go back? I’m left with so many questions.

Maybe that’s a good thing. But it leaves me unsettled. I read books for happy endings—well overall happy endings. And you could say that this one has it. Lyn will go off, she’ll marry Mathieu and make a life for herself, but that’s a harsh reality accepting life in 1700s. The book deals a great deal with it, but there are other modern things that I think Lyn would forever miss (shampoo being one…this comes from my research…). How can you accept that fate? How can you agree to live your life knowing you’ll never see your family again? Just so many unanswered/not dealt with issues that I want…need to know more about.

PS: I didn’t feel one bit of remorse when Donald died. Couldn’t stand him. The wimp got what he deserved. Okay that’s rather mean, but his character was weak and annoying.

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Marcia So agree with you about Donald. Also, about the ending. It felt like it ended that way so a follow-up book could be written. Otherwise, I enjoyed the book.

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