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The Delta Anomaly by Rick Barba
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Jan 16, 2011

it was ok
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Boy, where to start?

Well, the book was ok. Not the worst thing I've read. I was curious enough to finish it although I felt it had some serious problems with world building as well as maintaining the already existing world.

I had a hard time understanding why first year cadets were involved in the investigation of serial murders. I could understand if they went off on their own and helped without consent of the official investigators, but the idea that authorities in the future would have no clue how to investigate alien crimes is kind of sad. The characters did not come off as well as they did in The Edge. Not to mention the setting was so lax comparatively it was hard to imagine they were students of anything, let alone one of the most competitive schools in the Federation. I couldn't help but wonder where all the adults were while the kids were running amok.

I also had a very hard time with things like telephones, 911, laser printers, paper magazines, paper reports, and laptops. It felt like this story was written in a AU and the author failed to adapt to the setting in the original world.

I would guess that the author is either new to writing for mainstream publishing or had difficulty writing within the bounds of an already established universe. But I don't want to be too harsh since this is a fan fiction ya novel. After all, the idea is to be kind of cracktastic.

The author did do a few things well. Some of the scientific findings were interesting and the idea of learning to discover a new setting from a different point of view are both ideas which are strong themes in the Star Trek world.

All in all, if you like the universe, it's entertaining, but I don't see any crossover readers from this one.


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