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Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
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Nalini, sure has the ability to have me slaved to her series. The Guild Hunter was no exception.
I must admit,that i never really cared for the type of characters this series portray;An arrogant angelic race,blue collar vampires,and bottom tier humans. The high rating however, was my conclusion as to how Nalini makes all those elements interesting,and well cohesive. She has a brilliant imagination for building worlds. Today,as i walked by Times Square i couldn't help but look up and wonder how beautiful it will be to see a display of huge wings cruising along Manhattan **sheepish smile** - Hey, a girl can only dream, right? ;)

High points: Elena`s endurance, the Vampire/Angel genealogy ( it does have a neat concept IMO), flights on wings- talk about graceful power!, the book`s climax.. **sighs** I cant remember the last time i had so much anticipation towards the end of a romance book;Lets face it, we get used to that HEA fitted along the way

The Meh points: I still cant reconcile Raphael with human traits** yet such detachment for the world.. It didn't click well. its a mess i intent to untangle as i read along. Elena`s swearing and sometimes not so clever comments. ( let me make this clear by saying that i swear like a sailor`s wife, but her character could be a bit more poised even if her temper was not. Her tenacity, and strong will is what made her Raphael`s warrior not her smart mouth)

All in all, this book was a terrific read. So much that I`m sure i will be on a cliff hanger when i hit book 4 by the end of this week. It gives me this- oh so annoying deja-vu ; Like when i finished reading !! Kiss of Snow. total withdrawal for a while!
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message 1: by Jane (PS) (last edited Nov 13, 2011 02:01PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jane (PS) Great review Autumn! I'll have to go off and check out your other reviews from the series...

I agree - sometimes a kick-arse h can be TOO aggressive/harsh. Toning down one element can actually make the character - they are less of a caricature!


Wish I had been to NY - I'm so jealous that you can easily imagine the whole settings etc... To me, everything is just a large building!

message 2: by Autumn (last edited Nov 13, 2011 04:51PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Autumn  Aww thank you,Jane! I havent had the time to assimilate the books one by one in order to write a "review" of them. I just finished Dmitri`s book, and there is a tug of emotions there..

There were just some aspects of the characters that i felt like "pluhhlease" but I respected her back bone for sticking out for them, and still make kick ass books for readers who wont catch sleep in order to finish them! :D


I think the "Tower" will probably be similar to the Empire state. the tallest now. and definitely the most glossy of all.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Great review. I really loved this one, too!

message 4: by Autumn (last edited Nov 13, 2011 04:50PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Autumn  thank you,Dhes. Im glad we share the same POV. Im just waiting for more!! LOL hope the other members of the 7 get their book-specially Illium! I have a fatal crush on this guy! **sighs**

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