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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
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it was ok

Not exactly a waste as it has a good selection of quotes, and I agree that there is a creative force (in my opinion) inside of yourself that you can plug into, I didn't find this too helpful.

I have noticed that the preponderance of books on creativity are focused on getting unblocked. This is extremely helpful for those who are. However I think such books to be worthwhile to a general audience need to dig a little deeper and go into ways to sustain creative growth once you get started.

Compare for instance the book...

The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles

The focus is primarily focused on a recovery model, with quirky suggestions.

I've noticed that writers on creativity tend to be writers, which sometimes introduces a bias. After many anecdotes about the heartbreaking world of screenwriting the author will often catch herself and say effectively oh yeah and that goes for you painters and folks like that too.

Although good, I do not understand why it has the reputation it has.

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message 1: by Spooky (new)

Spooky Sinclair Great guide for artists.

Brad Coffey "Although good, I do not understand why" Me too. After 7 weeks of morning pages journaling I notice unmistakable benefits. Less mental ruminating, clearer thought in conversations, uptick in sense of well being. I have journaled in the past, but that was to come up with something specific and stop. This (morning pages) is a meditative long-hand writing with self criticism suspended. Somehow this physical writing makes these pretty noticeable changes and I'm trying to understand why.

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