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Mistress by Mistake by Maggie Robinson
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Jan 15, 2011

it was ok

This book really wasn't that great. It was a story that started out promising and just went downhill from there.

The heroine comes down to London because of an urgent note from her courtesan sister and is asked by said sister to let her new protector down easy for her since she has decided to marry and can't stay to tell him herself. The heroine falls asleep and wakes up making love to the hero. Not bad, I can get with that. What annoyed me was the fact that the heroine was just annoying. She was shrewish, spineless and selfish. When the hero, who I really liked, needed saving all she kept thinking about was how she wanted to go home and how he didn't want her but her sister. Mind you, at this point she has decided that she has fallen in love with the hero so you would think she would jump at the chance to save him. But no, she had to be bullied into helping save him from the clutches of another woman who kidnapped because she wanted to have his baby.

As i read the story sometimes I felt like I was reading about someone's 80 year old grandmother instead of a young woman. When author described some of the heroine's mannerism or thoughts it made me think of my boyfriends 83 year old mother. It made me wonder at the age of the author.

The next book is suppose to be about Luarette, a woman we meet briefly in this book, and to be honest I'm not all that enthused. From the small cameo she made in this book she already came across as another spineless, victimized heroine. I rather read Caroline's story, but I already feel like the author will find some way to muck her up, too. I would only read this author again if I could get her books for free.
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The UHQ Nasanta I feel the same way about Laurette and Caroline. I might read Caroline's book but Laurette's book does not interest me.

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