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Mere Passion by Daisy Harris
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Jan 15, 2011

really liked it

Mere Passion is the second book in Daisy’s Ocean Shifter Series. This installment finds us at the other end of the world and into the icy territory of Murrough. The mere people of this region have been on their own for years and they are not looking for any help from the dragons that abandoned them years ago.

General Kai Nasu is a proper dragon soldier. Raised and groomed from the his very beginning. He wants nothing to do with the mere people and even less to do with their military leader, Princess Alara. The idea of bowing to a mere and a female on top of that simply disgusts him. He has a job to do though, and he plans on following through with the mission he was sent to do. Gather information on the habitat and report back.

Alara has always prided herself on her ability to lead. She craves control and a leash on her emotions. When a dragon shows up demanding information on her operation she wants nothing more than to kick him face first out of her homeland. Things change when mere children start disappearing and they have to work together if there is any chance of finding them alive. When two minds get together it isn’t long before their hearts follow.

Mere Passion was an extremely well wrote and fast paced read. This chapter in the series had more of a military aspect then the first giving it a different vocabulary and feel. The scenery takes us from the lush tropics to the barren winter desert of the arctic flawlessly. The bitter cold winds will whip at your back while you gaze upon the icebergs and wildlife. You will find yourself shivering in anticipation of the chill in the air. And shivering in delight when things heat up in the bedroom…in the cave…and on the back of a snowmobile….*fanning self*

The development of Kai was a slow and steady process. When we first meet him he is mean, prejudice and hateful. Through his growing attraction to Alara we find that he has simply never had emotion shown to him in this capacity. Growing up in a strict household had only made his exterior hardened. Once that shell is broken we find his true self to be loving, thoughtful and extremely possessive of those he loves.

Alara goes through her own transformation as she learns that it’s okay to submit control occasionally. Kai is more than willing to show her that you can stay lose a bit of control and still be happy. There is a happy medium if only you take the time to look.

Mere Passion also lets us catch up with Karon and Gracie from the first installment. They find themselves at an impasse. Karon not willing to give up his job and Gracie horrified at the science experiments being forced upon the captives. Knowing she has to make a choice between the man she has grown to love and her own conscience, Gracie sets her mind upon revenge. Revenge for what was done to her and what is being done to the unsuspecting mere people now.

Mere Passion is a experience not to be missed! The underwater world will draw you in and leave you wanting to stay just a bit longer.

I give Mere Passion 4 stars!

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