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Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
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message 1: by Cristina (new)

Cristina I'm trusting your review here (or lack there of), and going to ignore recommendations to read this one I think... :) I'm apprehensive in general of the whole Angels theme now running throughout YA paranormal... and this one really doesn't look good.

Wendy Darling I looked at your shelves, Cristina, and being that we agreed on Fallen, I think it's safe to say you probably won't enjoy this one, either.

For good angel YA, you might give Unearthly, Angel Burn, and Mercy a try. I also have a shelf which might be helpful if you're looking for other ones to try: http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/...

message 3: by Cristina (new)

Cristina Thank you so much! I actually looove Unearthly and will look into the others :)

Wendy Darling Great! :) Hope you enjoy.

message 5: by Desiree (new) - added it

Desiree I was really hoping that I would love this book (kinda still am though my hope is somewhat diminished). There are so many mixed reviews but I think that I trust the reviewers that rated it badly more.

Wendy Darling Only one way to find out, I guess, Desiree. But maybe try it out as a library read first, because I think this is either a love it or hate it sort of book.

message 7: by Desiree (new) - added it

Desiree I wish I could. Unfortunately I bought the first two a long time ago. Good thing I live near second hand book stores. After reading I can turn them in for credit.

Nasty Lady MJ I read this and the other two just because I was in dire need of more angel books-I read Melissa de la Cruz's Blue Blood series and was hooked to the whole angel idea. Though the Blue Bloods angels, call themselves vampires. However, reading these was essentially me just settling for any old angel book. The characters they're just, blah. Nora isn't very likeable and Patch falls into the two categories of heros intended for the Damsel Distress and Miss Hot and Bothered on my Hero Litmus test I made up on blog-this is not a good thing. One thing I will give Fitzpatrick credit for is the plot of this series. It's interesting in a soap opera type of way, enough to hook you in if you can forgive the poor characterization. The last book ended with quite a cliffie, though it's getting harder with each installment since the characters are not growing much. I'm just kicking myself though for not finding out about Unearthly (another angel book) sooner. I'm enjoying it immensely thus far and am kicking myself for not grabbing it sooner thinking it was just going to be another Hush Hush.

message 9: by Momentai (new)

Momentai I feel like all the shelves you put this book on are like the review this book didn't deserve.

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