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Forgotten by Cat Patrick
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Jan 14, 2011

it was amazing
Read in June, 2011

Warning: This book is EXPLOSIVE! A must read that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

My Rating: 5 of 5

My Cover Thoughts: I love this cover! There are actually three covers for this book and I love every single one of them. On the cover I have there is a girl staring at you with a look of familiarity but not quite sure. She looks nervous for some reason and you will just have to read the book in order to see why she looks confused and scared.

My Thoughts/Review: can you imagine going to bed at night and having great dreams only to wake up and not know who anyone is or where you are. You have to read the notes you wrote from the previous day to remember things. This is London’s life and she loses her memory everyday at 4:33am in the morning. She wakes up to a clean slate, not knowing anyone but her mother.

London knows she has a best friend Jamie and when she gets to school Jamie will help her get through the day. Except that one day while at school she is in first period gym and the fire alarm goes off. It is freezing cold and she has to go outside with no jacket on in shorts and a t-shirt. She is standing there looking for Jamie when she sees these chocolate converses coming towards her. She looks up into the most amazing blue eyes and she is staring at this gorgeous guy who takes off his sweat shirt and gives it to her. They get to talking and she finds out his name is Luke and he is new to the school and today is his first day. They talk for a while and then Jamie comes over and tells her to stop talking to the weirdo.

As the days go on London finds herself talking to Luke all the time and they start dating. She is nervous because she does not want him to find out about her condition. Then she has a fight with her best friend Jamie because she told her something she was not supposed to. What is a girl to do when it comes to her best friend? Should she let her get in trouble and have her heart broken or should she help her out? London will do anything for Jamie because she has always stood by her and she knows that Jamie will be mad for a little while but she will get over it and they will be friends again.

This is a story of love, lose and friendship. What a girl will do to hold on to the love that she has and learn to love the new loves in her life. Family is a bond that will never be broken. It may be tested but no broken. What will London choose to do? Read on to get the full effect of this great summer read!

Memorable Quote: Page 278 Luke and London are in the Van having a do over first date.
“Luke and I stay nestled together until he nudges me. We’d better get going, he says gently. I guess I dozed off. I’m not letting you fall asleep without a note again. Why not? I ask, stretching. I kiss him on the cheek and add, with a sly smile, you don’t have to worry, Luke. I’ll remember you in the morning.

Advice: This is a great book with lots of emotions and lots of fun in them. It is a definite summer read! I love Luke, I am so team Luke!


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