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Awakened by Ednah Walters
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Jan 14, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended for: Anyone interested in Angel books with Romance.

I really looooved this book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Angel books with Romance. Lil is very likable and so is Bran ofcourse though I wish he had more sexy or atleast normal name....I mean come oooon Bran? seriously? like Brawn or Brain? I absolutely loved the cover and the guy on it. There is not one character in this book that I didn't like. I also liked that author thought of adding a brief note in the beginning with intro to some important characters and terminology.

* Story moves at steady pace. Didn't feel like a drag or too detailed.
* Liked all the characters including not-so threatening but very much hyped about villans (I probably liked them b'coz they weren't that threatening despite the hype).
* One thing I liked most about this book is...No Love Triangle....Yay. Don't get me wrong I like triangles, but there are just too many of them now-a-days...and they always have one heroine and 2 guys vying for her love. I mean how come the guys are hot and yet the awkward and average heroin ends up being torn between the two?
I wish I could personally thank Ednah Walters for the no-triangle thing.

Anyway here are my Cons:

* I'd have liked to see more scenes between Lil and Bran (blah).
* Would have liked to see Bran's role a bit more than just as eye candy. I know Lil is the powerful one, but still.

That's more cons.

I've got some more questions though, but I guess they will be answered in the sequel though...needless to say I am looking forward to reading it.

# Obviously powers Lil has aren't inherited, then how did she end up with them?....lucky draw?
# Bran's grandfather was the one with the dagger, then why is it that Bran is not the one to be able to use it? Why is Lil the only one with ALL the power?
# Why were Bran's grandparents unable to escape from the island? Everyone else was able to escape...I mean it's not like she had any power to stop them from teleporting or whatever.
# Sounds like there is some kind of mystery around Lil's mother...why did she name her daughter Lilith?...not exactly popular name.
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