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Deadly Little Games by Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Jan 14, 2011

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Read in January, 2011

Deadly Little Games is the third book from the Touch series, and to give you an idea what’s ahead, I find it really dragging and repetitive. So yeah, mostly negative.

I love the first book, this eerie feeling to it is simply distinctive among its other YA contenders. The second book have the same feel to it, but it came to me a bit predictable is some places. And the third book, that’s the breaking point… you cannot do the same thing over and over again; the creepy stalkerish story is way getting out of hand. If it wasn’t for Camelia’s powers I wouldn’t even find it interesting anymore. Actually, the only thing that developed here is her powers. The characters remained dormant, like they never learn anything from their previous experience(s). Ah, just frustrating!

I’m just wondering if it’s possible to use their psychometric powers without people being stalked, harassed to death? I like the element of surprise in a book, I love solving mystery, because that builds up the anticipation level thus holding my attention to the book. But if the only thing the book can do for me is to guess who stalked who, then that’s getting a little old. And sooner or later I’ll find it too boring.

So this book is about, once again finding the stalker – Adam’s stalker that is. At least it isn’t Camelia anymore. If I were her parent I’ll probably move to a new town. Three incidents of my daughter being dragged into a life threatening stuff, that’s huge reason to moved out. But no, her parents in my observation are a little casual. I don’t understand them at all, or maybe I’m just too paranoid to their standards. I seriously don’t get them.

I like Adam, but like everything in this book, the pattern is getting repetitive. He went after his friend’s (Ben) current girlfriend. Twice. Not good dude. And like Camelia, why not call someone with authority, not necessarily police but someone who might help him, not a teenage girl. Seriously, what a person should do to knock some common sense to these people. Jeez.

I feel awful for Ben being betrayed by once again, by Adam. But he should have used his psychometric powers for himself too. If he already knew something might happen, he should have tried to avoid it. If he can save Camelia from danger, can he do it to save his relationship? But no, instead he shoved Camelia, being cryptic as he always does and now he felt betrayed. He practically one of the reason why it happen in the first place. You know what this couple seriously lacking? Communication. Yes, use your psychic powers instead of talking like normal people do, just look what happened. A fantastic ending. *rolleyes*

I find the puzzle games fun though (just a little bit). I didn’t actually solved it, I let my sister solved it for me. But that’s the only appealing aspect this book has. A breather for every chapter, solve a freaking puzzle, ha! If the fourth book has another stalker-esque story, I’ll seriously pull my hair due to annoyance. Please offer me something new. Thanks.

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