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One Immortal by Tia Louise
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it was amazing
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Recommended to Livia by: Tia Louise
Recommended for: Vampire romance addicts

‘He knows what I am. I know what he is. By all accounts, we should be enemies. Only, I don’t want to be his enemy. I want to be his everything.’ Melissa

Minor spoilers alert!

It was superbly well done! I’ve always been a huge vampire mythology fan, so I was over the moon excited when Author Tia Louise announced she’d be writing a paranormal retelling of Derek and Melissa’s series beginning love story in the One to Hold series. I was a little leery when I found out it would also include shifters and witches, two mythological beings that I don’t really enjoy reading about even though I love watching television shows like MTV’s Teen Wolf and the CW’s classic witch show Charmed. Fortunately, neither is boring the way they were written here.

The premise, the pacing, the conflict and of course, the sexy times were all stellar. I seriously have zero complaints. It’s kind of hard to say much else without giving away the suspenseful nature of the plot. I gushed on GoodReads and enjoyed color-coding my highlights by mythology details, sexy times and laugh out loud moments in my e-reader.

I also loved the bonus Little Gypsy chapter about shifter Stuart and witch Mariska included after the end. I certainly hope there’ll be a One Immortal sequel soon.
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4.0% "My Dracula Untold movie score soundtrack is so perfect for this novel, score!"
October 12, 2015 –
4.0% "'If he were to stop now, my heart would explode. I'm not sure what would happen then.' ~Melissa~"
October 12, 2015 –
6.0% "'I want more, so much more it's overwhelming. Only one thing would be better than this. His salty taste is still on my tongue, tempting me with his flavor. With my eyes closed, I visualize doing it, piercing his skin, felling him slip down my throat as I swallow all his coppery richness.' ~Melissa~"
October 12, 2015 –
10.0% "• ‘I’ve been accused before – mostly by my targets – of being a hypocrite for hunting vampires with shifter partners. Two responses: First, I’m not. Second, I don’t search out vampires for the thrill of staking them. I seek justice.’ ~Derek~"
October 13, 2015 –
20.0% ""Can I have you tonight? Please?"\n \n Only a brief hesitation, and she whispers, "Yes."\n ~\n Uh, that's yes please and thank you! ;)"
October 13, 2015 –
22.0% "That first bite scene was seriously X-rated hot! Wow!"
October 14, 2015 –
23.0% "'I didn't force him to drink from my veins the way I was forced. I didn't rape his only hope away. I, on the other hand, am running out of time to complete my transition. I have to kill or die.' ~Melissa~"
October 14, 2015 –
28.0% ""Shifters imprint, Mel."\n My draw drops, and for a second I can only blink at her. "You think her imprinted on you?"\n "I know he did, and it's the strongest, the most intense thing I've ever felt in my life!" She does a little shiver.\n *\n I love that Elaine is a telepath. It would be so cool to sometimes know what your lover is really thinking. ;)"
October 14, 2015 –
29.0% "'I bit him. Oh my god, I bit a vampire hunter. His blood is swimming in my veins. Oh my god. Was I cursed as a child? Born under a bad sign?' ~Melissa~\n *\n Yep. I'd be freaking out now as well."
October 16, 2015 –
31.0% "I am so glad that the shifters don't shift into werewolves. I like watching Teen Wolf but reading about werewolves is not my thing."
October 18, 2015 –
37.0% "A Wednesday book event and a Saturday book event combined with a new work contract that I tried to quit has equaled almost no reading for fun time until now. Thank goodness for leisure Sundays! ♥\n "
October 18, 2015 –
40.0% "'Again I'm overcome by how little I know about this curse. I've been thrust into this half-life and left to figure out what comes next. In the beginning, I tried following the rules of the old horror movies and books, but only some of them are true. Most are just plot devices.' ~Melissa~"
October 18, 2015 –
50.0% "'My feelings for Melissa are strong, but as anyone can tell you, three days isn't enough to know shit. "She's special. I want to know her better." ~Derek~"
October 18, 2015 –
59.0% "'Instinctively, I push against the creature with my mind. He might be powerful, but he's not indestructible. He's just another monster.\n \n I took back what you stole. My thoughts turn forceful. She's mine now.' ~Derek~"
October 18, 2015 –
66.0% "'I'll kill him first.' ~Derek~"
October 18, 2015 –
71.0% "I didn't see this latest development coming. Hmm."
October 18, 2015 –
77.0% ""What the fuck are we going to do with this shit?" ~Stuart~\n *\n Yeah, seriously. WTF now?"
October 18, 2015 –
84.0% ""At least you're smart. God, how I detest stupid women." She rolls her evil eyes, and my brain scrambles. O_o"
October 18, 2015 –
100.0% "I didn't envision it ending quite the way it did. Hmm."
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Livia 'His ragged groans are little after-shocks of pleasure. He's still coming; I'm still coming as I drink. Until, from somewhere, some other place inside me-a place filled with sadness and loss, a place still cling to the smallest hope of mortality-a word appears: STOP! It's my voice, not the demon's. I have to stop. I don't want to kill him. I don't want to lose him.' ~Melissa~
Seriously! O_o

Livia 'He saw what I am, but he didn't pull away. He held me, watching me writhe in desire and agony, as if he knew what would happen.' ~Melissa~
And the other shoe drops...what now? Hmm

Livia "You fucking kept me awake all night." His voice is a low growl. "She's dangerous. Hybrids are unpredictable and extremely volatile. She could kill you while you sleep." ~Stuart~
He is so not on the Melissa train. O_o

Livia 'Why can't I see your face? I ask, low and quiet.

Because I won't let you, little soldier. HOW did you get in MY MIND?!

Rage unfurls in my human chest, but Star's power holds me in check. Still, I'm able to respond, and it's almost more threatening because of my control.

It's Marine, motherfucker. You'd better prepare, because I'm coming for you.'

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