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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
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Jan 13, 2011

liked it
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ok were going to be as polite as possible...p.s. this isnt listing how to hide spoilers so i might spoil some stuff but ill put spoiler at the top so you can skip it is you want

the cover is lovely...the title is cute too...

OK politeness over..WHAT THE HELL?! SERIOUSLY what is going on in this lil girls mind I LOVE SHAY OMG I LOVE REN I HAVE TO HELP REN SAVE REN OMG SHAY YOUR SO CUTE you make my blood boil..last i read that was NOT a good thing..but hey im not a wolf maybe blood at a boiling temperature is like an inner jucuzzi..

Calla needs to cut the crap and just go be with Ren after shay does his lil sword cross save the world crap cuz you really dont want someone who just became manic depressive to save the world that just wouldnt work...

Dear Andrea Cremer,
Why must you toy with our emotions like this? why cant you just have shay go away and ren be the man? hey look im a poet now...but seriously this isnt twilight have the BETTER man win for once and have calla go with ren PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS ANOTHER TWILIGHT i BEG of you!!!...i love the whole triangle thing i really do i swear BUT seriously shay? i dont see anything in him that would make a girl wanna stick around
1. hes been tryin to get in her pants for ages
2. calla said im with ren those words! and hes like i dont care im a man im gonna get you
3. he hasnt done anything for calla besides have her turn him into a wolf and he killed a giant spider...great shay you killed a spider now what the hell is gonna eat the giant mosquitos and other bugs that will take over the world cuz there eating us? didnt think about that did ya!?

spoiler time spoil spoil spoil

monroe..i loved the guy you had to freakin kill him? sure he was doing it to basically be like ren im yo daddy and your making a bbbaaadddd choice right now but seriously!? emile had to kill him now? GOD FORBID you cant just let him die in the next book after ren gets to meet and know daddy noooo he gets to know the abusive unloving asshole who pretends to be daddy but isnt...

adne and conner ...p.s. how in the hell do you even pronounce adne? i cant come up with anything other than (add-knee) and i dont like it lol ok adne is dumb shes like omg conner your just joking haha your stupid blah blah and if she would OPEN HER EYES she would realize that ZOMG conner loves her! jesus its right there in the book the way he looks at her and the way hes different with JUST HER ..stupid girl

Ethan and sabine...awwwwww nothing happened...BUT i feel it will and its gonna be awesome and Ethan is gonna kicks Efrons ass for doing that crap to sabine

ansel poor kid..cant blame him...

dax fey and cosette i just dont think they know what to do there always following around the alpha and since Ren is being like abused and brainwashed they think hes right and ren doesnt know hes wrong and so there following along cuz well there obviously not leaders and they will come around but dax and fey have always been kind of assholish i wouldnt be upset if they got there throats ripped out by the other guardians or the searchers but cosette aw shes just a lil tyke she doesnt know what to do especially since sabine is gone theres just gonna be more trouble for her hopefully she gets away and back to the pack..

and whats with all the latent homosexuality in this book? lol i just think its funny everytime you turn around your like omg your gay too!?!?!?

i think my rant is not even going to mention the ending because that will take forever! chap 1 of bloodrose better be awesome lol

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11/12/2011 page 160
41.0% "Damn shay is soooooooo annoying lol"
11/12/2011 page 190
49.0% "Shay is killing me with his annoyance..poor ansel not being a guardian anymore he was always sooo happy and dumb bitch calla did this for shay when she should of just torn him to pieces and stayed with Ren..gawd!"
11/12/2011 page 220
56.0% "Work needs to end so I can read shay gettin his ass kicked"
11/13/2011 page 265
68.0% "CALLA!? REALLY!!! What the hell little girl what the hell is the matter with you?! That's it you lil slut I'm having you committed if you don't come to your damn senses go get REN and then kill Shay! Granted he's not a bad guy he's actually a very nice dude but damn it you lil brat! Omg I'm so mad I could throw my book out the window!!!"

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