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The Awakening / The Struggle by L.J. Smith
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Jan 13, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: fantasy, ya-fic, series
Read from January 07 to 15, 2011

Elana Gilbert, queen of her highschool, sets her sights on the new boy at school, Stephan. He's from Italy, wears designer clothes, and drives the most drool-worthy car. She must have him. For some reason he completely ignores her, even when she corners him and forces him to talk to her. She can't believe it, no boy has ever slipped through her grips before!

Stephan has a secret. Not just the "I'm a vampire and can't always control my thirst" secret, but also the secret that Elana looks exactly like the love of his life, Katherine. Katherine was not just any girl, she was the one who changed him in the first place! He does his best to avoid Elana because he realy doesn't think he could control himself around her.

This was the worst vampire novel I ever read - which many of you may not think is saying much, but I usually enjoy vampire YA. Elana is a bit of a psycho and is completely self-involved. She only wanted to go out with Stephan because he was the new guy in town and everyone else was literally swooning over him. She constantly referred to herself as the queen of the school, and due to such a title she felt she had ownership over Stephan. She constantly said that she "wanted" him and the he "belonged" to her - very possesive, and very psychotic. When Stephan ignores her at first she's so embarrased and goes to extremes to keep her reputation in tact. Then, the first time Stephan actually talks to her - and we're talking months after they met - she tells him that she loves him! Wow, what a loser. The worse part is that Stephan can sort of hear her thoughts, but not as much as Edward more just a sense of what she's thinking and feeling. But Stephan keeps saying how she has such a strong personality, and how she's so admirable! Really?? In his 500 years he never came accross someone more admirable? This book embodies everything that is wrong with vampire YA and gives the whole genre a bad name. It's amazing that someone read this series and though "hmm... this would make a great TV series". The TV series is good, but it's only because they changed the characters so much. Elana in the book is more like Caroline in the TV series, except even more of a selfish B.

It was so terrible I didn't bother to read "the struggle".

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