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Keys to the Demon Prison by Brandon Mull
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Jan 12, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: young-adult
Read in June, 2010

Keys to the Demon Prison is full of action, but that is about all there is to it. The book picks up right in the midst of things and never lets up. I personally didn't enjoy it. There are about 20 tasks that need to be completed and the characters systematically go through them. Traveling to each event takes 20 or so pages, the actual event takes a page, and then it is on to the next thing. There is no flow here, and no elegance. I loved the whimsical nature of the first Fablehaven book. It's a book that really made me want to live the lives of the characters. What could be more fun and interesting than exploring a place full of mystical creatures and uncovering secrets? Now these books feel like chores, as if each character is presented with a list of things to do, and they go do them. It is just not enough. I really didn't care what person or place was coming up next. In fact, throughout this entire book all I wanted was for it to be over. I felt the same way about the last Percy Jackson book. Running around from place to place does not make an interesting novel. It's extremely repetitious and boring, no matter how much action you want to throw in there. The characters don't help the book much either. The book is so focused on events that the characters feel like bystanders. You could insert any character in the novel and they would do just fine. The personalities aren't really as present in this book as in others, and no one has matured or changed much from book one. Throwing in many additional characters in each book does not help improve the series, it just adds to the short choppy nature of each book. Each character gets a few sentences of explanation, then off they go to complete their tasks. The only interesting part of this book was the beginning. I did enjoy exploring the first dungeon, but once I realized that running through dangerous areas was all the book was about, my interest took a nose dive. Keys to the Demon Prison felt more like a video game than an exciting novel with specific tasks to complete, objects to retrieve and places to go. Fans of the series should read it for closure alone, but I was very disappointed and struggled to finish it.
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Katie I felt the same way about this last book. It was exhausting to me. I've felt this way about all of his books except the first one...lots of things to get through/obstacles and it's just tiresome. I do love his creativity though.

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