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Skipping Christmas by John Grisham
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Jan 12, 2011

really liked it
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I got this book from the libery because there is a movie to and yah i watch it but i aslso read the book and its not that much like the movie but i kept on reading because it got funny and i like funny think because i like to laught alot and i though i wasent going to finish it because i never finish a book but i did with this one.Her parents names nora and luther but i mostly like of the idea of skipping christmas anddoing the total opposite of christmas going somewhere hot insted of staying somewhere cold, serfing insted of staying at home and being lazy that just something that you dont see very often.They are going to hawaii but there flit was canceled so they just diside to take a caribbean cruse.If you want to see the movie its not called skipping christmas its called christmas with the Kranks so look for it you mit fine it somewhere.

If you are asking yourself what part of the book i like then here is your answer i like the part where they had everything ready to leave in a few days and then hours before christmas they resive a call from there family and then they all told them they where coming so they panik and stared to get thing ready but they didnt know it could be done so they ask for help from there friends and next door neiboors but they didnt want to help because they where not very nice to then and where where being bus kill about christmas. One guy got up and stared to talk and said its not for then its for laura because she has done alot for us and not lets do something for her and now we should make this the happene christmas with her husben to be so everyone help and did something little for the party.I mostly like this part because it funny and it made me laught when i was reading this book and i think it would make you laught to. This story is not conected to my personal life because we never try to skip christmas i always spened it with my family because we all care about eachother well maybe a little because they care about there family and so do we but that it because even though we where not going to have chirstmas we would at leat decorate and not be mean to other people that try to talk to us about it. Another part that i li e about the store is when all the people around nora and luther stared to hate them because they would not put up any decorations or anything to do with christmas all the people around them just gossip about them but they luther didnt care that much but nora did but luther didnt let nora do anything or put anything up.

well this book was good but the part that let me down was when luther was acting like the scruch because you should not try to skip christmas but he deserve how they where triting him but the real problem was tha he didnt even help no one if it has to do with christmas he didnt want to be ivonled in it and it was hard for nora because she work in a christmas store and it was hard for her to not get anything. When people talk behind her back she felt really bad shshe talk to luther about it but her really didnt care what people said about him. There are other book that i have read alot o christmas thing but noting like this this is totaly different that what i like to i like different things.

If you like to laught and have fun i recomend this book because its alot of fun i dont think it would let you down at all u are going to have fun reading this book mostly i say this because as soon as i stared to read it i couldnt stop reading its juat a amesing room try it try it uyou wont reget it
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message 1: by Erin Anne (new)

Erin Anne Beirne I agree: the movie and the book were quite different. I've learned to accept the movie as a holiday must-see in our household, but it's really nowhere near as funny as the book.

Grisham pokes fun at the seriousness with which Christmas traditions are treated with such glee, and I laugh because he truly is poking fun at me. And I don't mind.

I'm glad you got all the way to the end. I certainly didn't see that twist coming! Did you?


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