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Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole
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Jan 12, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 15 to 20, 2011

I presume you know what the book is about. I'm letting you know what I liked or disliked about it.

As with each book in this series I absolutely loved Dreams of a Dark Warrior.

Regins story really got to me. I'm surprised at how strong my emotions ran with her experiences. I cried - yep, I'm a big sap sometimes - during several points within the book. There's just something about "seeing" a strong, fierce, capable character struggle.

I like Declan very much. I get imperfect and I appreciate his self awareness, and frank honesty. He is a worthy male.

I loved the glimpses of Nix in this book. I was surprised at the extent of her presence and awareness of Declans life. I do not recall an instance in past books in this series where she so lucidly stepped up to associate herself with a character.

I read the dialog exchange between Nix and Lothaire with my mouth open. "Phenix" hmmmm guess there's a clue there, now to figure it out.... I've said it before and I guess I'm sayin' it again.... Lothaire - the most evil? The fact he can't lie... well, let's just say the vamp intrigues me.

Thad is an interesting addition to the cast of characters.

I love KC as an author. I cherish (yes, cherish) the fact that she simply avoids weaving past books into each story. Pulling in - very briefly - only those key elements that merit mention. Man, this gal can write!

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Laura the Highland Hussy It's from Bugs Bunny...He was captured by a giant who squeezed him and spoke in a dumb voice "I will love him and pet and him squeeze him and call him George"

this is the clip I found

Styles Good God that's excellent! Bugs - well,anyone that quotes Bugs is alright by me. :) I think I actually snorted on that one - most unlady like of me.
Thanks you hussy ;)

Laura the Highland Hussy glad I could help :)

Amanda I totally agree with you about liking that KC doesn't go into massive detail about previous books. She only gives needed information. It's nice that we don't get a recap of everyone's story everytime a character from an earlier book shows up. As much as I love seeing previous characters, I don't always need to relearn everything about them!

Love the review! I basically agree with every point you made :)

Vanessa theJeepDiva I am very impatiently waiting for this book to arrive in the mail. I preordered it, it should be here! I LOVE this series.

Styles Thanks Amanda :) I love it when readers vocalize their dislike of repetition. On to the next great read. yay

Styles Laura - I eventually caught it that it was the big white whatever, whatever that commented on "George".

Styles Hi Vanessa - Can't wait to see your thoughts on it too. Enjoy ;)

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