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With Abandon by J.L. Langley
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Jan 11, 2011

it was ok
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** spoiler alert ** Maybe a more realistic rating for this book would be three stars, something I was considering, but in the end just couldn't do.

My reasons? Well, the book starts with Aubrey being a prick. I mean he was really terrible at first and I had a thought that the book would go in a direction I wasn't really interested in (He's gay but he's gonna hide it and the whole plot will revolve around that and his bad treatment of Matt.). Now? I think I would have liked that direction better, simply because this plot fell flat.

I barely got the feeling of wolves as I read it, all the instincts and behavior were mixed up and popped up in all the wrong moments. The relationship between the two MCs was uneventful and sort of boring. Aubrey's every negative action caused almost no reaction from Matt, because that guy - no matter how cute, adorable and good-hearted he is - is a wuss. Aubrey does something wrong, but Matt is the one who apologizes, because of course, he can see Aubrey feels bad about what he did/said. Stupid.

There was barely any mention of pack, and the Alpha conveniently disappeared after saying his two sentences of pure wisdom. Aubrey might be confident and whatever, but his Alpha posture or behavior - nonexistent. The same was with his work, his friend, his brother. Everything was mentioned but nothing was worked through. Frustrating to say the least.

Then you have the plot. My first question would be - what was this book about? What was the point? It's not about Aubrey admitting his sexuality, because he apparently had no problem with that by the end of the book. I have no idea what the time frame is, but I do know that at one point he's all secretive and rude, but in the next he's saying 'mate' at every step and being obvious. People (or wolves) just don't do that. It wasn't about the kidnapping, because that happens only in the last 20 pages and is quite frankly ridiculous. 'Hey, I'm gonna kidnap the mate of the guy who killed my mate. But Matt is so sweet and kind and there is no way I could ever kill him. My mate was a prick anyway. It's best I just off myself.' - Come on!!!
It also wasn't about Carson and the guy stalking/abusing him. I honestly have no idea why that was even in the book. It certainly wasn't resolved.

I also wanted to read more about Matt's family, but that part of the book also wasn't finished. This whole book was just a combination of 6-7 different and unfinished plots. Individually they would have probably been amazing, all of them put together make an unconnected mess which just leaves the reader unsatisfied.

At the beginning Aubrey's work was a big deal. He basically said - you can't be gay here, and then we were given that newspaper example why that is. But at the end, there was no resolution for it. Why wasn't it okay at the beginning but at the end it wasn't even mentioned as an issue?

This book did nothing for me. I didn't enjoy the characters (except Matt a little), I hated the plot, could barely keep my focus when it came to sex scenes, and have more questions now then I did at the beginning. As such I do not recommend it. But I also think the first three are a must read;)

I honestly hated writing this review. I'm a big Langley fan, and she was one of the first m/m authors I've read. With or Without Series is wonderful, the characters, the storytelling, the plots. She knows how to create chemistry, keep the reader on his/her toes and she easily brings certain freshness to the genre.

This book had none of it, and I'm more disappointed than anything else. I expected so much more, especially considering other weak shifters series I read on daily basis. I can't believe this author gave me the same.

This review is not a personal attack against the author(whom I do respect). It's simply an opinion about a book and I do not advise anyone to base their decision about the purchase of the said book on my words only.

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Chris As I read this book, I kept thinking that her heart wasn't in writing it...

Valentina Heart I kept waiting for it to get better. It just seemed wrong to give up on it.

message 3: by Perpetua (new) - added it

Perpetua I tried to read this but I gave up! it was so disheartening not like a Langley book at all. I don't think I'll be picking it up again anytime soon.

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Chris it is funny you say that because on her livejournal all she talked about was how much she loved assholeAubrey and has been wanting to write this book since he appeared in the second one...

I liked Matt and Tara

Chris Well, she couldn't exactly say it was a struggle to write, could she?! :)

Bubbles  Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions lol she could and i wouldn't doubt her

Chris I kept thinking "contractual obligation"...

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