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Midnight Sins by Cynthia Eden
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Jan 11, 2011

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Somehow I missed Cynthia Eden in my voracious quest for new (or new to me) authors. I'm anticipating that this will be another wild ride. I just finished Hotter After Midnight and was VERY impressed. I'll let ya know...

Okay, it's official....Cynthia Eden ROCKS!! Midnight Sins is the awesomely sexy Todd Brooks' story. The love 'em and leave 'em good ol' boy meets his match in Cara Maloan, succubus. Once again, a detective is behaving inappropriately with a suspect (and us readers LOVE it). There is a killer leaving men bound and looking satisfied...but very, very dead. No obvious cause of death...they are literally loved to death.

Brooks was shut out of the previous case by his partner Colin Gyth and police captain. Now his eyes are opened to the world of Others and there is no going back. Todd wouldn't have it any other way. Cara has become his world, his obsession and just plain his. Cara has secrets that she is sure will send the sexy detective running for the hills. When he alternates between suspecting her and rocking her world Cara realizes that in order to have what her heart desires she needs to help the police catch a murderer who uses her species calling card and is trying to frame her.

There's not a whole lot of surprises in this book, if you're looking for new groundbreaking plot lines and characters...well this isn't it. (Again, there's a reason that these kind of stories are continuously used...because they're AWESOME!) The hook of this book is the characters and how they interact with each other. Cara and Todd are so hot they'll fog your glasses. As the evidence stacks up against Cara, Todd's steadfast loyalty to her is heartwarming. His introduction into the world of Other isn't smooth by any means, but you just know that he'll pull through fine. Colin and Dr. Em are still hanging around (and HOT as ever). Smith is having a hard time adjusting to having her reality stripped from her, know that everyone is not what they seem and questioning everyone around her. I read this book in one day (*sigh* much to the detriment of my laundry) and am now starting the third book in this series...I see a sleepless night in my future, and I can't wait. *grin*

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