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Jan 11, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: books-i-own, read-in-2011, 1-star-awful

There are probably spoilers:

Jess: Hello there, James Frey, aka Pittacus Lore. Welcome to the show.
James Frey: Thanks for having me. How much money did we agree I'd be getting for this interview?
Jess: A lot.
James Frey: Good, because I adore money.
Jess: I can tell. In the past nine months you've released two New York Times Best Selling novels, one e-book/novella, and had a large budget film adaption. You must be stoked. You and Mr. Hughes are rolling in money
James Frey:Yes, we are.
Jess: Lets introduce your newest novel: The Power of Six, sequel to I Am Number Four. I just finished reading it yesterday afternoon...
James Frey: What did you think?
Jess:It's shit. Total and utter shit. Clearly you wrote this quickly, like, no more than a few weeks. It's very obvious: this is some of the most poorly written drivel I have ever read-and I've read Twilight
James Frey:How dare you! Give me three good examples.
Jess: The dialogue is the most awkward thing ever. There are hardly any descriptions. You did a crap job at building suspense and foreshadowing. At some stages you threw in lengthy words that didnt fit, just to show us how smart you are. The writing lacks any emotion; it could have been written by a robot. I could go on; and will, when I talk with my next guest.
James Frey: But its an exciting plot, yes? I mean, a thrilling read.
Jess:the writing was too distracting, but I suppose the plot is the only thing this book has going for it. I suppose thats why its got so many good reviews.
James Frey: ...And why I get so much MONEY!
Jess: Money, thats all you're about, isnt it? Rushing the release of this book, a movie adaption, a novella. I swear, you've just published your first draft. Like I said, no foreshadowing or anything. Oh yeah, and you know the most annoying thing? When you decided to introduce Ella as Number Ten. You cant do that! Bitch, thats cheating!. Everyone knows there are nine Garde, then all of a sudden BAM! Number Ten! No pre-warning, no solid explanation.
James Frey: That's a good twist.
Jess: No, a good twist is Snape being a good guy. A good twist is Christopher discovering his mother is alive. These things had foreshadowing: it didnt stick out at the time, but we noticed them later. Having a 'Number Ten' is not a fucking twist, its cheating, and for that I hate you.
James Frey: Whatever gurl, The Chicago Tribune said: 'There's genuine suspense'.
Jess: No. Your shit writing made any suspense thinner than Nicole Richie. For example, when Marina heard that Miranda Marquez, a girl who she looks exactly alike, was found strangled. This was supposed to make us scared of Mogodorians coming. Trying to build suspense. Yeah, it might have worked if you had said they looked alike before the line after her death. There are many more examples, but quite frankly, I hate talking to you.
James Frey: Cool, that interview will cost you $2,500,000. Now Im going home to start and finish the next book in the series before bed time.
Jess:*sigh*. Well, Im not going to be a sucker and give you any more of my money. Im not buying any more Lorien Legacies books. Had I been American, I would'nt have even brought this one. The US cover is the fugliest thing I have ever seen! We'll be back after this short ad break with John Smith himself. Stay tuned!


Jess: Hello, welcome back to the show. Now I have with me the star of the show, John Smith, also known as Number Four!
John Smith: Hey there
Jess: Im not going to lie, I kind of had the hots for you in book one. You were awesome in every way. Now you suck.
John Smith: Sorry?
Jess: I hate you. Mainly your decision making. I mean, did you honestly think it was a good idea to catch up with Sarah? You couldnt see that ending badly at all-heavy sarcasm.
John Smith: Thats one poor decision.
Jess: Or dragging Sam Goode along on your adventure. That boy is the biggest waste of space I have ever read about-more later. Or how about that time you ran straight into the blue Mogodorian forcefield, knowing full well it would knock you out and made you feel sick. That totally reminded me of the time Patrick Dangerfield concussed himself by running straight into the goal post against the Western Bulldogs. Oh, and another terrible decision was when you and Six saved that innocent woman from her drunken husband, with the whole 'no innocent people should be hurt' vibe going on. Then you throw the Mogodorian tracking devise on the back of an innocent mans truck and laugh about it. Contradicting much?
John Smith: I wasnt thinking clearly...
Jess:Oh, and at one stage you say: "I feel sad". Really, thats the best you could come up with?
John Smith: I tell it as it is.
Jess: Anywho, lets get to the juicy stuff that all our viewers want to know. How does it feel being the FBI's Most Wanted?
John Smith: Pretty cool
Jess: Lets get the story straight. A small school, in a tiny town, in Ohio is found wrecked in the morning. There is ash everywhere and entire buildings are ruined. What does this sound like, to normal human beings?
John Smith: A fire?
Jess:Yes, so why does everyone instantly presume its a terrorist attack. What sort of badass terrorists target a high school in a tiny town which 99% of people wouldn't have heard of?
John Smith: Are you saying my life in the past few weeks is...Im on the run for nothing?
Jess: Im saying you're on the run for the most stupid reason! No sane human being instantly concludes what would look like a fire is a terrorist attack! The school down the road from me burnt down last year, true story. All that was left was rubble and ash. Does this mean that police should instantly assume crazy terrorists are at work in Adelaide.
John Smith: I...
Jess: No, let me continue: Then when they finally do catch you, Top of the FBI's Most Wanted List (for attacking a school), they put you in a cell which has bars, not a solid wall, and guarded by one, single guard. Then the guard immerses you in conversation.
John Smith: I started talking to him, actually.
Jess: And he responded, conversation! When they had Osama Bin Laden, I dont think he was guarded by a single security officer, who responded to Osama's conversation starters. That whole episode was so unrealistic!
John Smith: Its a work of fiction, its allowed to be unrealistic
Jess: Actually no, JK Rowling made her world of magic seem real. Its possible to make fiction realistic. Also, on a totally unrelated note, what the fuck is up with your love triangle?
Audience: Jess has only said that word once on goodreads.com before, she must be mad!
Jess Love triangles are so unnecessary. Why does every YA novel need to have them. Plus, yours with Sarah & Six was forced. There was no need for it, and you shared no chemistry with either. It was literally: "I like Six, but I have to love Sarah. Therefore, my life is to hard and I should go complain and bore everyone with my forced romance." John, and James Frey if you're listening, you are PATHETIC! Get a proper sub-plot and dont come back until you do.

Jess: Now that my interview with John Smith is over, please welcome Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Hello.
Jess: Thanks for coming, and thanks for not killing me. Firstly, I love your matrix style trench coat.
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Cheers.
Jess: Secondly, whats the deal dude? Why are you lot the worst antagonists of all time?
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Thats a bit harsh.
Jess: Its true. There were thousands of you, and you cant kill two Lorics and a human boy. maybe the Lorics are acceptable, but Sam!? he researched his fighting from the internet in the first chapters. You're badass aliens, why cant you kill him?
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: No comment.
Jess:Also, why did you strangle Miranda Marquez, the chick who looks like Number 7? Are turning peeps to ash with mega guns and shit not cool any more?
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: No comment.
Jess: Seriously dude, early on when you lit fire to the house Sam was in, I was so happy. I was ready to convert to your side, I seriously thought you'd just killed Sam, but then he slipped through your fingers. Now that you've got him captive, please torture the shit out of him.
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Hopefully, but James Frey is terrible at creating us, hes in charge of our actions. That means Sam will probably escape our evil alien base of evilness.
Jess: Im feeling for ya. Hey, Ive got Sam from his cage via skype next, but he is a bigger waste of space than the extra three 'Mortal Instruments' books, and I really dont want to talk to that guy.
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Why so?
Jess: He's just dumb. I mean, when he and John had an hour of invisibility to sneak into your base, he set his alarm watch for 60 minutes, so it went off as soon as he was visible again. Why not set it for fifty minutes, so when it vibrates they know to get out of there quickly! Also, when he needed to go back to Paradise to check the sun dial, he forced Six and Four to go back with him. This resulted in them getting caught. Why on earth would he have not just called Sarah's mobile, and ask her to check out the necessary stuff. She could have told him her findings, and they're all safe!
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: I'm hearing you! I dont associate with such fools either.
Jess:Thank you! Say, want to catch up for a coffee after the show?
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Sure. And I'll show you where I get my trench coats!
Jess:Cool beans! Lets go right now. I'm sure I'll look swanky in one of those trench coats
Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: You'll look spiffy as hell.
Jess:Outstanding. Well, thats the show for tonight, thanks for your company. I'm Jessica, and I'll see you next week!

And cut.

First Review: January 7,2011
The description of this book says its about 'Number 7'.
I want to read about John Smith, and his friend Sam and his kick-but side kick, Number 6!
If #7 hogs this book, I will be really upset!
And Sarah Hart had better make an appearance somewhere, or I will be devastated!
But anyway, I am super-amazingly-incredibly excited about this one. It had better be nothing short of sensational :)

Second Review: March 22,2011
So, I definitely can not wait until mid August for this! I want it now!!!! *. So, in early preparation, I thought some speculation would be in order: Even though the blurb talks about 'Number Seven', I still think the title refers to the character 'Number Six', and will reveal some sort of freakish/awesome power that she posses. She will be the focus of this, and #4 & #7 will be supporting characters. The reasons for this are: 1) we just met Number Six at the end of the previous book. Its to early to introduce a new main character, knowing nothing about Six. We need to learn something and let her develop.
2) I heard there will be six books. If this is true, the second book seems way to early to re-unite the entire gang.
I strongly believe this book will be about John Smith, Number Six and Sam Goode trying to locate #7 (after somehow hearing about him/her). In the midst of their search, there will be a mega-giant twist about Number Six, and someone will do something bad to inflict trouble on the group.
But yes, I am very excited.

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20.0% "*Minor spoilers* "We have to keep going. They'll figure it out soon, if they haven't already. We have to stay ahead. The longer we wait the closer they'll get." Yeah John, Im sure the police will arrive at the conclusion that you have parted the water like Moses, and that the scent they have been following is just an alien dog thing acting as a distraction. They'll work it out in no time at all. Pah-lease."
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message 1: by Jamie (last edited Feb 21, 2011 05:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jamie Krakover i took a quick look at the sneak peek of the power of 6 and it appeared the first 2 chapters are about 7 but she's already looking for number 4 so i imagine it will converge at some point. Im guessing this book is about locating the remaining 6 and bringing them together.

Shireen Zehra i agree with u jessica....ME LOVE JOHN SMITH!<3

Abhijith Nuchin I agree with jess, I want see what legacies will #4 devlop.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Meyer I agree! I hope Number Four and the whole gang are in it. Spacecadet, where did you get a sneak peak of the book? :)

Jamie Krakover Rebecca wrote: "I agree! I hope Number Four and the whole gang are in it. Spacecadet, where did you get a sneak peak of the book? :)"

There's 2 chapters in the new release of the book with movie edition cover. Prob their lame excuse to get more people to buy the book again. There's also some stuff about lorien astrology, but that can be found on the website.

message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Meyer Where can you get that with the sample of the book?

Jamie Krakover Its sold in books stores now

message 8: by Cory (last edited Feb 27, 2011 05:48AM) (new)

Cory I agree with you about wanting to hear more about John and his growth, but I also agree that the next few books should focus on the other four so characters can develop for them becuase we know that they will all eventually be together to fight. I wonder if they are already after number 7 in Spain. Didn't the first book reveal they were keeping surveillance on her??

message 9: by Riv (new) - added it

Riv Yes! I want to read about Alex Pet-*ahem* I want to read about John Smith! *shifty eyes*

Jamie Krakover Arwen wrote: "You know the first one 'I am number Four' it's being made into a movie"

yes the movie is already out in theaters now in the states

message 11: by Jay (new)

Jay Wills Teresa palmer who plays number six in an interview said all she knows is that number and six go on an adventure and find number give so.. hopefully if theyy make a sequel alex petttfer ans teresa palmer will be in it

Dante Buchanan some times it is better to see life of people from other people eyes

message 13: by Jan (new)

Jan Hey spacecadet, can you write the 2 chapters of the power of six. I'm just dying to read those bits.

message 14: by Jamie (last edited Apr 04, 2011 05:33AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jamie Krakover Jan wrote: "Hey spacecadet, can you write the 2 chapters of the power of six. I'm just dying to read those bits."

First of all I dont own that edition of the book, I borrowed it to read the chapters. Secondly, Thats a lot of work to type that out, and I have far more important things to do that sit here and type out 20 pages or more, and third and most importantly its illegal to post pieces of books online. So no I wont type it out. Go get it from your local library, or pick it up in the bookstore.

Authors work hard to write books and give you extra chapters and bonuses in special editions of the book, and it would take away from their hard work and their job if people ran around posting it on the internet. This happens far too often and its a tragedy, and an insult to an author's work. If you like something an author wrote, spend the money and buy the book and support them so they can afford to keep writing. If you cant afford it, borrow it from your local library that's what its there for.

message 15: by Pao (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pao Mtz Parente Dont worry. I already read the first chapter and i is REALLY good and I think that 6 4 and sam will be helping 7. BTW 7s name is Marina

message 16: by Courtney (new) - added it

Courtney I believe it will be about number 7 I think she is trying to make 5 the one who doesn't want to fight or doesn't care! I do hope that Sarah, is in the book! I really hope John is a main charted again though!

message 17: by Quevina (new)

Quevina I totally agree!! I want it to be about number 4. to me number holds no interest!! I loved the book but was so annoyed by the movie! Super pisst when henri died early and they made him seem like a complete jerk! there was no emotion in his death! and they gave 6 his power to be fire resistant which really pisst me off! so many things i can go on and on. but i was excited abotu this book until i read that it was about number 7 which im convinced is a dude cause he talks about dreaming of a powerful girl.

Empire of Books Am reading this now and Number 4 is pretty prominent! It switches. Don't worry! :)

message 19: by Richard (new) - added it

Richard the title says alot THE POWER of SIX!!! that means mostlikely they will be talking about all 6 remaining!

Jamie Krakover Richard wrote: "the title says alot THE POWER of SIX!!! that means mostlikely they will be talking about all 6 remaining!"

well it could mean two things, a the power of the remaining six or b the power of #6. That said its been confirmed that this book will bounce between #4 and #7's stories, so there will be more number 4 in this book.

Brandon I Dont mind if it is about 7. This is because (If it is true)this series
is supposed to be like 6 books or something

Jamie Krakover I have an advanced reader copy, chapter 3 picks up with John, 6 and sam

Beverley hahaha sorry babe :( we're all waiting

Michael Butts they are both in it, just finished the book =D

message 25: by Kate (new)

Kate The powe of 6 refers to the remaining Garde. But, you get plenty of all your favorite people, plus Number 7.

message 26: by Eric (new) - rated it 1 star

Eric I wonder, did it turn out like anything you expected... also if they are going to be six books I'm so done with this series I can't even tell you.

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist This is EPIC, Jessica :)
Best thing I've ever read on Goodreads. Way better than the previously-labeled 'Best thing I've ever read on Goodreads,' that funny BREAKING DAWN review. This is GOLD!

message 28: by Kate (new)

Kate Amelia, the pragmatic idealist wrote: "This is EPIC, Jessica :)
Best thing I've ever read on Goodreads. Way better than the previously-labeled 'Best thing I've ever read on Goodreads,' that funny BREAKING DAWN review. This is GOLD!"


message 29: by Eric (last edited Sep 18, 2011 04:44PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Eric LMFAO This is hilarious! Thank you. Honestly if someone could make this a real interview and upload as a "review" I think I would bust a nut... and promptly share it with everyone. Ahh to dream. /// Side note, I'm sorry we all got played, but seriously your review is one of the best I've read. Thanks for letting me smile.

@Amelia, if I wasn't so busy reading Ready Player One right now I would've beaten you to the gold line... but it's cool yo ;-)

message 30: by David (new)

David Jess, your review is brilliant and clever and funny - and obviously a whole stack better than the book! Well done!

Jamie Krakover I do agree the dialogue was terrible at points in this book, however I disagree on one point, I think there was foreshadowing for 10. The way I read this book it seemed that 10 was in the second ship John remembered taking off. I could be interpreting this wrong but I believe there was some evidence there.

message 32: by Miss Ryoko (last edited Sep 21, 2011 06:29AM) (new)

Miss Ryoko Oh my god! I have not read these books (and never plan to) but when I saw this in the daily email, I had to read it and I laughed for a hundred years! Amazing review Jess!!

message 33: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda Seriously, I enjoyed your review so much more than this book. The only book I can remember feeling even remotely as ill after reading was Breaking Dawn. You are spot on!!!

message 34: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa Nocita Absolutely hilarious review with major kudos for the added creative approach! Loved your review despite the fact that I liked the book. Thank you!!!

Calila I agree with Amanda, your review is sooooo much better than the book!!

Kendall Your review is literally the commentary that went through my head as I was reading. I hated everything about this book. I had to force myself to finish.

message 37: by Michelle (new)

Michelle You just made my day Jess. I am literally laughing out loud. I think I'd rather read this over and over than read the book now. Hahahahaa

message 38: by Phil (new)

Phil Ansell Best review I've read of a book ever! I didn't particularly like the first book, but I will certainly avoid the second one now, thanks!

Karis (YA Litwit) Jacobstein Jess- This is THE BEST review of this book EVER! Thank you for making me crack up! I hope you don't mind, but I will be putting a link to this in my review on my blog! Everyone needs to read it before they read that poor excuse for a book...

★ Jess Thank you so much for the kind comments everyone :)

Hulttio Wait, Christopher finds out his mother his alive? Which book series is that referring to? XD I feel like I have an idea, but not sure...

ℂᖺαᖇᒪἷ℮ ⊰1017 &Tardis⊱ I agree that it was creative and funny, but I love these books, and agree with little of what you say. I'm sorry. I also love Sam.

message 43: by Pat (new) - rated it 2 stars

Pat Well, I agree with you about Sam. I hate him! Nice review. You have your views. Nicely done! (;

Renee Awesome review. I enjoyed it more than the books. :)

Angela Oliver I enjoyed these books and I quite like Sam, but I love your review - it is delightfully nit-picking and so true too. I guess in some cases I just enjoy the ride and don't look for flaws in the plot!

message 46: by Imo (new) - added it

Imo Hi Jess! You wrote a very long review so I couldn't be bothered to read all of it. But I can understand what you're saying although, please could you hold off on the unessecary swearing as this is one of the things which pit me off the first Lorien book. Also, kids are on this website and you probably don't want to be responsible for them swearing at a very young age. I apologise if you feel that I have offended your hard work on the review. Thanks.

message 47: by ★ Jess (last edited Nov 18, 2012 09:04PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

★ Jess Hi Philimonia! Your comment was kind of boring, so I couldn't be bothered to read all of it. But I can understand what you are saying, and after thinking long and hard about your request, I decided an efficient response would be simply: LOLOLOLOL!

message 48: by Jess (new)

Jess If you have 10 mins you should read this article - http://nymag.com/arts/books/features/...

its 6 pages long but very VERY interesting. It will answer exactly what went wrong in book 2 and makes me fear for book 3 and onwards.

message 49: by Wes (last edited Nov 12, 2011 09:51PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Wes ★ Jess wrote: "Hi Philimonia! You're comment was kind of boring, so I couldn't be bothered to read all of it. But I can understand what you are saying, and after thinking long and hard about your request, I decid..."

Wish I could have rated this 5 star response... Smiley face will have to do :)

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

Philimonina wrote: "Hi Jess! You wrote a very long review so I couldn't be bothered to read all of it. But I can understand what you're saying although, please could you hold off on the unessecary swearing as this is ..."

hahaha, sorry matey but thats a terrible way to start your message.

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