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Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow
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6 Imperfectly Perfect Stars! Some Sort of Happy is going to make you feel, and feel and feel some more!

“My own misery was enough-why should I make someone else unhappy too?”

Some sort of Happy is a bit different from other books but Melanie Harlow, but that’s what makes it so special.

“Apologize…For breaking me down…The only thing I can do is make you mine.”

Skylar Nixon is a girl who had big dreams, dreams of leaving her home town, moving to New York and making a name for herself as an actress. She was crowned a Beauty Queen by the locals and loved by all, that is until she makes the decision to appear on a reality show that demands she act out the role of the villian… allowing this is going to be a mistake and mistakes as we all know have consequences.

“My life is a complete mess and I’m a total failure at everything I do!”

Returning home to her parent’s farm in Michigan after 4 years of trying and failing to become a success in the acting world, Skylar is now at a loss for what to do with her life. The people who once adored her now shun her. Nasty looks, losing her job and her crown being stripped away have set her on edge. Living at home, helping her parents out around the farm and looking for a job she can feel good about is not going to be easy. Skylar now has a reputation, and it couldn’t be further from what she has grown used to.

Sebastian Pryce has not had it easy. School was difficult and life after college has taken a drastic turn. Now a lawyer he has too moved back home to Michigan and is looking for a fresh start. Sebastian suffers from OCD, anxiety and depression, he has since he was eight, it is something that has always held him back, but now he’s focused on getting the treatment he needs and moving forward with his life, alone. Things are looking up for Sebastian, he has a therapist that is truly helping him and everything is going well, that is until he sees her crying on the beach. Skylar Nixon, the girl that has been in his heart and fantasies for years.

“Fucking hell. I’d made so much progress in the last year, and I’d let the sight of an unrequited ten-year-old crush undo it all. I was a fucking disaster and I always would be.”

“I could go for seven seconds on that body. I could go seven seconds on that body all. night. long.”

When Skylar and Sebastian meet for the first time in years, Skylar is intrigued and Sebastian feels his recovering slipping. Everything that he feels, thinks, and fears is now standing in front of him and she’s missing a shoe. From the moment these two meet you can feel the tension, the chemistry and the curiosity crackling in the air. What happens next is an emotional, sexy and sweet story of two people struggling to heal, all the while falling head of heels in love. Sebastian owned me, his pain, his fear, his self-doubt and loathing left me saddened. Unlike any male character I’d ever read, I felt all of his struggles and pain. Because of all of this I found myself loving him even harder.

“I found myself wishing again that things were different. No, that I was different. That I had something to offer her.”

Melanie Harlow tackled some very emotional and complicated material in this book, but she handled it beautifully, with a sympathetic hand. Some Kind of Happy is extremely unique, it’s expertly written and the wave after wave of emotions are going to have you tearing up and your heart shattering, more than once. I was rooting for Skylar and Sebastian from the moment they crossed paths, but their journey to a happily ever after was not a smooth one. It’s littered with setbacks, crippling fear, patience, forgiveness and recovery. This just made the ending that more sweet. These two finding their “one” in each other was amazing. Melanie does add in her trademark humor, and there is a TON of heat and panty melting sexy times, but what makes this book so incredibly special are the characters. The way the touch your heart and feel their pain is extraordinary. I felt it all and this is why this story is probably my favorite out of all the ones Melanie has written. I love her writing and her characters but Skylar and Sebastian now have a very special place in my heart.

“Your love may never silence the ticking but I would trade silence for your laughter, calm your storms, tranquility for your madness, the beautiful chaos of stars.”
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