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Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon Morell
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Jan 10, 2011

really liked it

I love reading cookbooks. This one came to me when I needed to change the way I was eating. I was motivated because I felt sick. A naturopathic physician recommended giving up grains and sugar and starches. Now that is NOT something that Nourishing traditions requires that you do. It makes use of high quality ingredients and certain preparation practices, along with judicious quantities and frequency of use of these things. But I had to go a step further because I was sick. I was actually scared of food at that point. What happens after you are done with the usual card-deck portion of lean fish and all the green veggies you care to eat? There is still a heap-of-rice-sized hole on your plate and in your stomach. You WILL be hungry. What to do? And wasn't my cholesterol going to go from a little high to through the roof once I traded cheerios for 2 eggs a day? It did not (it actually normalized) and I now know why. This book helped me fill in the blanks and adjust to my new way of eating confidently. More than anything, I find this way of eating simply works for me. I do not, however, live the lifestyle to a T. I pick and choose which things I am going to be a stickler about and which I am more casual about. I shop more thoughtfully and the overall quality of the items I choose is higher. I do not believe I spend more because I have eliminated many prepared foods, which are expensive. I even order some things from a farm. I have become a huge fan of fermentation! It is more than a collection of recipes. There is a wealth of information in the margins about the history and anthropology of food. Once you open your eyes to the longer timeline of people and food, you can begin to see where our modern foods come from and all the compromises we have made. You can trace them back to healthier traditions. Now you can make your own choices.

The book is based on the research of a dentist who travelled the world and investigated the native diets of indigenous cultures. You can get more information by looking up "Weston Price Foundation" on the internet. Just as with any alternative viewpoint, there are extreme voices on both sides. I try to maintain a neutral and inquisitive stance and try things for myself.
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