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Jan 09, 2011

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Brilliant blog, watered-down into hardcover form.

The BSNYC might be the best blog on the internet. While it has biting humor and a sense of poignant self-awareness, it also follows current events tangential to the cycling world and has a set of insider references that blow Arrested Development out of the water. So how does that translate into book form?

The book slows it all down, and seems to be aimed at more of the nouveau cyclists out of fear of exclusivity. Bike Snob's writing sometimes gets stretched to far in the long format. He can pull punches in a blog, but the book requires an adaptation of style to stay with it. A longer story requires a shift in the storytelling format. For me, a bike commuter of 10 years currently living in NYC, the highlight was the middle of the book, including the chapters "Why is Everybody Trying to Kill Me?" and "Cycling and the City."

Much as the case for Stuff While People Like or Street Boners, blogs just aren't meant to be books; at the end of the day it's as foreign as writing a song about a painting. For a blog that is sometimes so unassumingly sublime, this book was a bit dull more than anything else. I bought it because I was trying to make free shipping on an Amazon order, and because I want to support the writer who I've been reading for years. In the end, reading it was basically just that- an act of charity.

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