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Jan 09, 2011

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"Yes," said Carter. "The question is, how are you going to let this affect your future?"
I frowned, starting to get lost in angel logic. "What do you mean?"

He hesitated, as though reconsidering what he was about to say. At last, he rushed forward with it, leaning close to me. "Here's what I can tell you. If this is real, then there's a reason for it, absolutely. Not some random re-org. And if there's a reason, it's because you've been doing something Hell doesn't want you to do. So, the question becomes, Georgina, are you going to keep doing whatever it is they don't want you to do?"

This has been a very long wait for the release of the final installment of one of my absolute favorite series about my most adored Succubus Georgina Kincaid. Impatiently I waited by the mailbox in anticipation of finally getting the conclusion of Georgina's story. I was shocked to discover Succubus Revealed to be only 270 pages??! My first though was How could Richelle Mead actually complete Georgina's story with so little pages?

Have you ever dieted and Really truly wanted that piece of Red Velvet cake with the Whipped Cremed frosting, but opted out for the fat free 100 calorie package snack instead?? Well that's the best way to describe this book. I would enjoy the 100 calorie packaged low sugar snack cake, however I would still be left craving the homeade Red Velvet cake! That is exactly how this book felt to me....A good tasting treat but not good enough to quench my craving....Basically I was left unsatisfied and begging for more. Richelle Mead promised us the homeade Red Velvet cake with In the form of Succubus Revealed but somehow along the way she decided to deliver the 100 calorie low sugar cake instead :(

Unfortunately the first 150 pages was quite boring and felt more like filler space instead of the final chapter of Georgina's life. Quite possibly the most predictable book I have ever read. Understand that I am quite happy with the ending of Georgina's life, however I'm surprised to say the least that this was not a novella instead. At page 155 the book takes a turn in a positive direction and from then on I didn't even want to put the book down to sleep. I couldn't be more overjoyed with the results of Georgina's life, but this book left me so empty and a bit Depressed, Angry, SAD at the loss of an Amazingly Wonderful character and fan favorite. I'm not 100% sure my beloved (view spoiler) is actually dead but it seems he's gone :( The only consolation prize is that perhaps maybe Mrs. Mead is actually saving this character for a spin-off series??!!?

"Well" said Hannibal. He looked down at me. "At least this will make this case more interesting. Sure, whatever. You want him as your lawyer?"

I wanted to say no. Some part of me half hoped that if I refused and he never became my lawyer, he would be free of the retribution that awaited him afterward, that he could simply escape now. Except, as I glanced between him and ---a terrible certainty settled over me. It didn't matter if he became my lawyer or not. He wasn't getting out of here. It was reflected in his eyes as they met mine....It was a one way trip. If I didn't accept him as my lawyer, I was simply speeding to his death. I nodded and felt my heart lurch as I sealed his fate. "Er, yes. Yes, your honor. I'd like him as my lawyer."

"What are you doing?" I hissed. "This is suicide!"

"You didn't really think I'd abandon you to them, did you?" he asked.

"Oh shut the fuck up," I said, afraid I was going to start crying. "You're an idiot. You shouldn't have come here."

"You remember our talk about purpose and meaning?" he asked me, the smile disappearing. "Well, I think this might be mine. I think this is what I was meant to do, Georgina."

Sadly the horrific loss of one of my favorite characters overshadowed my happy feelings of Georgina's conclusion a bit for me. I don't appreciate when a life is sacrificed for the greater good. It leaves me feeling empty upon completion of the book. Another problem I had with the book was the absence of conclusion for other supporting characters in Georgina's life. I have my fingers crossed that Succubus Revealed was only setting up a spin-off series with all my supporting favorite characters! Overall I'm delighted with the outcome of Georgina's life which is why the 3 star rating, however it lacked it's usual extraordinary awesomeness.

A spark of goodness in the darkness

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Dija How is it so far?? Suspense is killing me! :D

MISS VAIN I'm on page 143. I'm slow today :) It's only like 280 pages though so I'm halfway through. So far as usual Georgina has a conspiracy theory that's she's on a mission to solve, Andrea is still pretty sick....I'm hoping it picks up the pace in the second half. Gosh I just love Seth for Georgina.

Dija Wow, the book is that short? I thought it would be extremely long, being the last one and all. And that's where I'm in the minority of the readers that love GK - I don't like Seth all that much at all. I much prefer Roman or even Carter (not necessarily as love prospects for Georgina, but just generally).

MISS VAIN Well I love Seth, however I love Carter, Roman and Bastian as well......I'd take either one ;) All four are in this book, so that's Definitly a plus!

Okay so to update I'm on page 161 and my jaws is on the floor because now it's picking up the pace.........Ya I also thought it would be super ling as well. I hope it ends up being long enough and not just thrown together. I read on her blog that Eugenie's last book is going to be large to cover everything so I really expected the same for Georgina.

MISS VAIN Laz-I'm really curious to see what you think about the conclusion to Georgina.

☆ јⓐⓓε ☆  Wao, 3 stars? I understand your frustration, and I really hope you r not talking about Carter, but I have a feeling...

MISS VAIN Jade-Totally frustrating!! And maybe it's just me, you may like it much more than I did, I mean the Seth/Georgina part left me predictably satisfied....but why couldn't we get some closure on other characters?? I just read Bloodlines this week and it was great, so what happened with Succubus Revealed?? It felt like Richelle Mead was in a hurry to finish the book but didn't care that we have other favorite characters.

Besides Georgina/Seth......Carter, Roman and Bastien are my favorite characters in the series!

I think it's cute that you wrote "but I have a feeling" about Carter, that's so something I would say too:)

Well I don't want to spoil anything for you Jade but either way I'm not completely sure he's dead and I feel like we got NO closure on any characters except for Georgina and Seth!!! Seriously, why have all these great characters we love like Roman and Carter if were left unsure of their fate or future?? I wonder if shed going to have a spin-off or something? I want to know your opinion on it to Jade so hurry and read it!!!:)

Dija That last paragraph makes SR sound more and more like The Last Sacrifice, in which there was closure pretty much only for Dimitri and Rose and no one else. But in VA, we had the comfort of a spin-off series, whereas in GK, Mead's said there won't be any such thing.

MISS VAIN wrote: "Laz-I'm really curious to see what you think about the conclusion to Georgina."

Uh-oh. Do you think I'll like it or hate it? :/

Dija And great review, Miss V! I especially love the comparison between the red velvet cake and the fat free one. I'm sure all girls can relate. XD

The part about losing one of your favorite character scares me, 'cause I always tend to fall for the character who dies. So if said character wasn't already a favorite, he'll become one after dying. :(

Samina ~ Escapism~ Oh, no!I am really dissappointed now. I love this series ,if Mrs.Mead has ruined it I will be quite cross.

MISS VAIN Laz-Thank you:))) Yes, I did figure any female could relate to the Red Velvet cake analogy LOL.

Seriously Laz, the way Georgina and Seth played out I'm fine with but heaven forbid you have any connections to any other characters in the series because the closure part did feel a bit like Last Sacrifice. :( you're absolutly right about that.

Laz Barrons wrote: "Uh-oh. Do you think I'll like it or hate it? :/ "

Well I think you should read it but putting aside the fact that the first half was boring....I didn't even focus on that part much in my review, I think you will feel the same way I do about what went on with a certain character besides Seth and Georgina.

Samina &Laz-Right before writing my review I looked and most people gave this book 4 and 5 stars and one person actually went above and beyond to say it was their favorite Georgina book!!!! Maybe the bookstore sent me the wrong book? LOL. Who knows maybe I'm in the minority?!

Samina- it might just depend on if you only care about Seth and Georgina....See I was a Carter, Roman and even a fan of Bastien so I had higher hopes for the conclusion...... I hope it doesn't make you "cross" Samina;)))

message 12: by Dija (last edited Aug 28, 2011 01:14PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Dija That sucks, but I guess it's a running theme with Mead then? That she focuses solely on the main characters in her endings, just in case she ever comes back to revisit the series and write a spin-off/novella with the side characters or something? I really hope that isn't the case in Eugenie's story. I would really like closure in all respects concerning those characters.

Everything considered, I do hope I happen to like SR. I don't think so, because I've never really been crazy about this series. I like it well enough but it's too plot-driven while I like my books to be character-driven. Does that make sense? XD

☆ јⓐⓓε ☆  I'm waiting for it and Blood Bound, those are the 2 I'm dying to read right now, I have Bloodlines but for some reason I can't get in the mood to read it, I started Jane True instead.

MISS VAIN Laz-I'm really hoping that she decides to give the men in Georgina's life a spin-off series. I really felt the maybe death of one of my favorite characters wasn't even mourned properly!! I felt I mourned it more Ughhhh. I'm hoping you like it better than I did seriously. She ended it in true Mead fashion and didn't give us full closure, however in regards to V.A. I can understand because of the spin-off of Bloodlines.

See I loved the Georgina Kincaid series but I understand your complaint. I'll be really disappointed if she does that to Eugenie's story!!!!!

I wish you and Jade would read it so I can get your feedback.:)

Jade-You should read Bloodlines, a very heavy dose of Adrian which I found hilarious. :) I passed on Bloodbound for now, I'm going to read it but I'm in the same boat just not fully interested in it at this moment :) I just was soooo disappointed with the latest installment of Jane True, I hope you enjoy it better than I did. I felt bad over my review torturing you about the death of a character; if you're that worried go to my review and see in my spoiler up above it has the mans name :)..,,Hurry and read SR so you can tell me your opinion as well!!!

☆ јⓐⓓε ☆  Oh no no, no spoilers for me. Don't feel bad, anyways I was dying to read it, you just made me want to read it more. :)

MISS VAIN Haha! Okay I'm glad you're going to read it soon, because I want other opinions....;)

Samina ~ Escapism~ It does make me 'cross' Miss Vain.Even if the main story is about Seth and Georgina, it is the side charcaters which make it teh fanastic series it is.They give it depth and add the fun to it.I love all the side charcaters.

Samina ~ Escapism~ I am not getting notifications from discussions anymore.GR doesn't like me.

MISS VAIN I know, it makes me sad she left us hanging with other characters :(

Sorry you're not getting notifications, sometimes that happens to me too, and it's unbelievably upsetting because I hate missing out on discussions.:(

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews I SO agree with you! I have never read a more predictable book, and thought that the first half was so boring I only continued to see if I was right about the ending *sigh*

MISS VAIN Yes Linda the first half was frustratingly boring. She could have made it a novella. I think you and I emailed eachother on here way back in February about our predictions and we both were EXACTLY right, I would have preferred to be a little bit wrong. Ughhhh.

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews yeah, me too... I was actually pretty disappointed with the whole book :(

MISS VAIN Me too!! Especially the death of (view spoiler) part.

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews yes, and just the way things were left with everybody but Seth and Georgina

MISS VAIN I know, I wanted some closure on other characters besides Seth and Georgina. Such a disappointment. If she were having a spin-off I could understand her reluctance to give us closure like she did with V.A. with Bloodlines but I'm not sure her motivation for the sloppy ending....

Samina ~ Escapism~ I am so tempted to click on the spoiler tab.Damn it. If I think who dies actually does I would bequite dissappointed too.I love this series and Mead.I hope she doesnt ruin it.

MISS VAIN Hurry up and read it Samina ;)Who do you think dies?

Hey!!! I've been waiting for you to post a comment on one of my threads for a while. Remember when I said I would take a pic off my balcony where "we" can read together, I did and I'm going to post it on this thread so you can see, and I also took the pic of the house Britney Spears owns behind my house so you can see ;)

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Yay Vain! I'm excited to see both those pictures because I remember you posting that. Was it on one of Samina's pictures or something?

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) By the way.......Ta Da I'm not dead! I've been a little absent for a while.

MISS VAIN Ok I totally thought I just posted them.. I'll just post them on a comment here then lol, I thought they showed up. Hold the phone a sec ;)

P.s. Ta Da...I'm grateful your not dead, I wasn't worried since I just talked to you yesterday :))))

Samina ~ Escapism~ it feels like I am dead though.I havn't been around much.My lappy is broken and i have been busy doing my house.So had no time for GR.
Miss Vain upload your pics soon.I can't wait to see.I hope you were careful while taking the pics as I hope no one in Britney's property thought that you were a weirdo taking random pictures of houses.

I havnt read it yet as this book was not supposed to be out untill later this week.Regardless I would have no time.I have decided to first finish reading the books I currently have on my Kindle before running off to buy new ones.

Samina ~ Escapism~ oh, Christen, have I told you your blog looks lush.Mine is still incomplete and I don't think I can manage the high level of IT skills required.

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Lol thanks Samina but I can't take too much credit. Mariya did the design for me and then she let me pick her brain a TON to help me get it up and running. :)

MISS VAIN I know you have been missed on GR as well Samina :))At least you have your bf's computer to use in the meantime.....

Here's my balcony where I read when it's not too hot


Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Wow that's beautiful! Lucky you!!!

MISS VAIN Okay so the peachy colored house is one of Britney's....I've never seen her there, but I've seen the kids there and we have 24 hour security guys that drive around here and they said she was a here a couple weeks ago with her kids, I could take a pic of the front but I think the back is actually prettier :)


MISS VAIN Christen (Goldilox and the Three Weres) wrote: "Wow that's beautiful! Lucky you!!!"

christen thank you, the only thing good about the city I live in is "where" I live it feels like paradise, the minute I leave my community it's a bit like hell, I hate it LOL and it's too hot here, which I'm sure living in Florida you are all too familiar with.

MISS VAIN I agree with Samina, your blog looks great Christen :))

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Thanks guys!!! :)

message 40: by Dawn (& Ron) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) Nice review, the analogy was such a great way to get your feelings of disappointment across! I didn't read the whole thing since I've only read the first one, I didn't want to learn anything I shouldn't know yet.

The photo's look so much like Florida. It was "freakin' Africa hot" (got that saying from a radio station up in New England years ago and it was only in the mid 80's) today after a quick shower came through, hate it.

MISS VAIN Dawn-Thank you. Even though Succubus Revealed was not my favorite, you may enjoy it because I noticed many rated it higher than I did. Either way, the Georgina Kincaid series is Definitly one you don't want to miss out on:) No need to worry because my reviews are usually spoiler free.

Cute saying! Ya I can only imagine, the heat there, luckily it's been under 100 degrees barely lately!

message 42: by Dawn (& Ron) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) Were happy because out temps are in the low 90's which puts the heat index close to 100. Yes it is the blasted humidity which makes it so nasty, and doesn't do much for curly hair either. That's just another reason to hate it.

After having only read the first Georgina Kincaid book I didn't want to take a chance that something that happened, say in book 4, would mess up something in book 2. That has happened to me twice so I am cautious when reading upcoming book reviews from a series. Plus the less I know, the fresher I can approach a read.

MISS VAIN Yes I agree, it's best to stay away from reviews if you're afraid of catching a spoiler or two. I have curly hair too, for some reason I just find it easy to let my hair go get super duper curly in the humidity. Lol

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