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Dove Song by Kristine L. Franklin
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Eleven-year-old Bobbie Lynne is used to moving. Her father is a mechanic in the Army, so of course she's used to moving. She just wasn't expecting this move from Texas to Tacoma, Washington. But then again, Mama doesn't always think straight when Daddy has to go away.

Daddy's not happy to see them in Washington. He'd rather them be back in Texas close to his sister, but Mama thinks his sister is trash. Plus, Mama's much happier when she's close to Daddy. She kinda loses it when Daddy goes away.

So when Daddy announces that he's being shipped out to Vietnam, Bobbie Lynne and her brother, Mason, know that it's going to be tough dealing with Mama for awhile. But then the Army calls Mama at work to tell her that Daddy has gone Missing In Action (MIA). Bobbie Lynne and Mason know that Mama is gonna get worse, but blasting a huge hole in the kitchen ceiling with Daddy's shotgun is not what they expected.

The siblings quickly find themselves in a situation that forces them to lie, steal and cheat to keep up appearances so that they are not separated and put into foster care. Because they know that this time is not like all the other times. Mama is not just missing Daddy; she's off in her own world where she doesn't need to eat or bathe, she just needs to sleep.

But what's Bobbie Lynne supposed to do when she just doesn't think she can handle it anymore?

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