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Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jan 06, 2011

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bookshelves: slightly-embarassing-but-enjoyable
Read in January, 2011

I read a lot of academic writing for grad school. The only time I can find for "pleasure reading" these days is multitasking time, when I'm listening to an audiobook while performing mundane tasks like cleaning or driving or walking to class. I've found that I don't get along well with audiobooks when I want to really absorb what I'm reading. I listen to them within a few days and then promptly forget most of what happened, or I can't keep the characters straight, or I'll wish that I could flip back and revisit a previous section but don't feel like having to scan backwards to find where that section might be. Thus, my fall into the world of trashy audiobooks. I want something that will amuse me and keep my attention, but not something I should think too hard about or get bored with. I want gore and sex, and ridiculous paranormal happenings are great too. I also want them to be free. Thus, Anita Blake. My local library has all of them (or nearly, anyway) available for download if I'm willing to wait in line. There's lots of blood and exciting violent bits, but there are also lots of the elements of the trashy romance novels I pick up from time to time. There hasn't been much sex aside from sexual energy and attraction, but I have been promised that they will get dirtier by someone who has read them all. And there have been plenty of bizarre happenings and strange creatures to amuse me. The lady who reads these does a great job, and I will be "reading" (i.e. listening to) all of these books that I can, time permitting of course.

The lady who reads these books does a great job, and the sound effects and occasional background music are done well, without being distracting. One of the benefits of trashy audiobooks is that I do not have to look at and potentially dwell upon anything I dislike, unless it comes up repeatedly. There are moments when I find myself cringing at a certain turn of phrase, but without pausing and rewinding, it's gone before I have time to become annoyed. Have I mentioned that I find the protagonist kind of annoying? It's really hard to sympathize with her sometimes because she's far more religious and sexually repressed than I am. She often seems like she's trying so hard to be an independent woman that she's turning down a lot of good opportunities because it would involve making a commitment to something she doesn't support entirely. I find some of her choices incredibly frustrating (though I will leave the specifics out, for the sake of not spoiling everything). But I'll try not to judge her too harshly, because I know that her character changes over the course of the series, and I look forward to seeing that happen. She is pretty badass, and I'm afraid that I'm hooked. I'll be back for more, as soon as the next one is available from my library. Would I be reading these books with a real, paper copy? Unlikely. There are a lot of other pleasure reading projects I'd like to tackle first. But sometimes we need some trashy amusements in our lives, and this one promises to keep me busy for awhile.
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