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Silken Savage by Catherine Hart
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Jan 06, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: bodice-ripper, indians-and-halfbreeds, heroine-extreme-mary-sue, heroine-annoying-and-way-annoying, did-not-finish, wtf-was-this, when-the-genre-sucks-it-sucks-hard, buddy-readz-r-social
Recommended for: if you like extreme Mary Sues and endless filler about Indian hearth culture

I know when I'm beat. The utter perfection and total adaptability of the heroine made this one more cartoonish than Captive Passions and more aggravating than Savage Ecstasy which also had unrealistic and extreme Mary Sue heroines. The relationship between the H/h shortly became a HEA kind of thing - conflict-free - and so the story was mainly descriptions of one Wonder Woman feat by the heroine after another (learning the Cheyenne language within weeks, putting one arrow into the shaft of another, outfighting/outriding/outtracking braves, scalping/torturing/maiming enemies with barely a qualm, having her first child with barely a grunt of pain and no fear at all). And the adopted tame cougar kittens, Kit and Kat. That rates an eyeroll all in itself. When a conflict finally did arrive, it was resolved within two pages and became smooth sailing once more and I threw it at the wall.

It's the mood I'm in - I want lots of drama and believable characters and catchy writing, and this ain't it by a mile.
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January 6, 2011 – Shelved
February 11, 2011 –
page 28
5.88% "And our heroine has a nosh while a full-blown gang bang goes on behind her. The image is pretty odd, to say the least."
February 12, 2011 –
page 108
22.69% "There better be some H/h conflict and drama soon, or I'm bailing."
February 12, 2011 –
page 148
31.09% "Two orphaned cougar cubs are adopted by the H/h. Names? Kit and Kat. I think I just barfed. The unending perfection of their lives continues interminably. :-\"
February 12, 2011 –
page 150
31.51% "Oh, I don't believe that THAT is what has finally ruffled our heroine and put sand in her vagina. After torturing/mutilating/scalping with hardly any qualms, THIS has put her in a snit fit/crying jag?"

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ilovebakedgoods (Teresa) Wow...cougar kittens named Kit and Kat? I snorted with laughter when I read that part of your review, lol.

Karla Isn't that just too speshul? Made me wanna vomit. :D

Karla The older BRs are more brutal than the newer romances, which have the heroes be all New Age-y and stuff, sorta like the same makeover that Vikings have been given. Still, no bodice ripper is as brutal as the stuff in Larry McMurty's Lonesome Dove series. One of those books made me wanna hurl but I kept reading anyway.

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Love your shelf tags. You aren't lying about the "when-the-genre-sucks-it-sucks-hard" tag. I like Native America romances, but it is damn hard to find good ones. I don't get it though, it's like you can find a plethora of Highlander romances, but no one wants to write good and believable NA ones. :(

Anyways, loved the review! I knew something was wrong with this book when the heroine was looking at all her friends getting raped and was pretty much like "WELL SHIT, HAPPY THAT AIN'T ME! I'M GOING TO EAT SOME JERKY AND BERRIES :D". I knew from there that there was no hope for this book.

Karla I don't know why there are so many sucky NA romances. It ticks me off. Savage Ecstasy had all the ingredients for being fantabulously awesome, but the author wasn't up to snuff with her writing skills and the heroine. The hero was perfect, and then she ruined him in the sequel. I doubt I'll ever sack up and read Book 3 in that series.

April Brookshire The heroine may have the makings of a serial killer.

She adapts to torture and killing so easily.

I wonder if modern day Native Americans ever read these types of books and roll their eyes throughout at the white girl.

message 7: by Jill (new)

Jill Worst Native American romance....ever! :)

Marissa Couldn't even finish it.

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