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Betrayal by Aleatha Romig
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5 STARS – Truly unique, surprising and addictive!
Once you dive into this newest book by Aleatha Romig you’ll not be able to put it down!!!

“Before the loss of innocence, I pretended that Montague Manor was truly a castle and I was the princess.”

Betrayal starts out with a bang and it carries on at an unstoppable pace. With a truly unique storyline, intriguing and engaging characters it will grab you from the start. I began this book in the late afternoon on release day and finished it within hours; I once again could NOT PUT IT DOWN! If you read and loved the Consequences series like I did, this book is going to have you fangirling all over the place.

Alexandria Charles Montague Collins (Alex Collins) has lived most of her life behaving like a good southern girl and fulfilling her mother’s demands, but when she leaves Savannah to attend college in preparation of becoming a lawyer she makes a decision. Her decision to re-invent herself for herself, not being someone that everyone else wants to her to be, but be the person she wants to be.

“On a late August afternoon, when I stepped off the airplane in San Francisco, I chose to do what my mother never could: discover life – not Alexandria’s, but Alex’s.”

Her 4 years away at school is the best time she’s ever experienced. She’s free of the house that she feels is nothing more than a beautiful prison. She has a best friend she loves like a sister and the air she that needs to finally breathe, and move on from her past, which by the way remains a mystery for the moment.A week long get away to a sunny beach location with her best friend, is the perfect way for Alex to celebrate graduating her first 4 years of college, before beginning her journey of fulfilling her lifelong dream. The vacation is just what she needed, and when she meets Nox, she finally discovers what true passion is at the age of 23. Having only ever dated infrequently and never forming any real attachments, Nox, the mysterious businessman who rescues her from a resort leech, knocks her off her feet. The attraction and curiosity is instantaneous…

“Is this guy for real? Or is this my fantasy?”

What takes place next, as they say is history.

“He’d told me what to do. I hated to admit that it excited me more than scared me. I shouldn’t like that.”

After the best week of her life, Alex returns home, only to be summoned by her mother to Montague Manor. This is where the story took a drastic turn for me. From this point on, I could feel the mysterious and dark undertones beginning to surface within the story. I knew that something crucial would unfold, but it remained elusive, just out of my reach. When you dive into a book Aleatha you should always be prepared to be shocked and uneasy, and this is what happened to me. I knew that there was so much more I needed to know and understand before I could unravel what she had so intricately begun to weave, but this is book one in what is to be a five book series, so answers will undoubtedly be revealed in good time. I found myself completely engrossed in Betrayal; I fell in love with Alex and Nox, and hated some of the other characters with a fierce conviction.

“Happiness in another person wasn’t real. All people did was betray one another: if not on the first date, then eventually.”

Betrayal takes yet another mind blowing turn near the end of the book, and this was where I found myself sitting there with my mouth gaping and totally shocked. I never saw it coming; it set me back for a few moments trying to process. This book was not what I was expecting at all! That is this author’s greatest talent, taking a story that you thought you understood somewhat and then flipping it 360 degree. I LOVE IT! It’s a total adrenaline rush. My heart raced, ached, broke, raged, raced again and stammered more than a few times while reading this one. To say that the writing is incredible is a drastic understatement of course. I’ve come to expect nothing less from this author. She delivers twists, turns, thrills, shivers, and hot flashes like a pro. What this book has started for me, is an obsession, an obsession to read the next 4 books and put all of the pieces together to reveal the big picture. OMG I can’t wait!

“Dreams, like fairytales, all come to an end. We wake or turn that final page. There’s no escaping it. It may take us days, years, or an entire lifetime, but forever doesn’t truly exist. No matter how hard we wish or try, the end always comes.”

Thrilling, mysterious, sexy, dark and ominous this book ignites rampant intrigue and curiosity! I need more clues, more insight, more Alex and Nox, I need Cunning NOW!

Cunning is scheduled for release January 2016 and it cannot possibly come soon enough.

Buy and read Betrayal, it’s twisty, turny, sexy deliciousness at its very best!

“In one short week, she’d made me forget that my life was about control. Only I can control my own destiny. For a sliver of time I let myself have hope.”

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