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Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras
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“Our story wasn’t always pretty. Some would argue that it was quite the opposite, but it was beautiful to me.”

6 STARS- Paper Hearts has left me thinking about it even now, I’m still inside the book and I finished it days ago…

We first meet Mia and Jensen in Kaleidoscope Hearts, Mia is Stelle’s best friend and Jensen is Oliver’s best friend. We know that there is a story there, it’s alluded to, but we aren’t privy to it until now, and I personally could not wait to dive in. I read these books back to back and that made it all the more powerful, having already been an emotional mess after finishing book one. It also needs to be mentioned that there is a novella, Torn Hearts which is actually book 1.5 in this series, it has been included in Paper Hearts so that you can read it before you begin book two.

“Let me go,” I said, my gaze dropping to his hand, holding the hem of my jacket. He closed his eyes briefly. “I don’t know how,” he whispered.

Mia and Jensen’s story began years ago, and it is littered with heart break, disappointment, betrayal and misunderstandings. Paper Hearts is the kind of second chance romance that clutches your heart from the very start. Mia is stubborn, loyal, extremely driven and talented. She loves with her whole heart and when she decides to hands it over to Jensen, and he shatters it, it leaves her devastated. The pain that she feels from his unfaithfulness echoes in her mind no matter how much time passes. Jensen has never forgotten about the girl he has had to leave behind, he knows that he has broken her heart and is terrified he may never have the chance to win her back. No matter where he has been or what he has accomplished, she is always with him, in his heart, in his very soul. Jensen has abandonment issues that stem from childhood and when Mia chooses to walk away, it crushes him, even though he knows her actions are justified. What comes next is a waiting game, waiting for the time when he can reclaim her as his own.

“Mia was love. She was everything. She loved me, she pushed me, and she inspired me.”

“Pain isn’t just losing the person you love. Pain is losing the person you love, seeing them with somebody else, and not interfering because you know you can’t give them the life they deserve.”

Paper Hearts is the book that made me cry time after time, it put my heart through the emotional blender and it made me curse in frustration so many times, that I lost count. Claire’s writing drags you under, the spell is cast and once you begin you have no hope in being released. Her words are glorious and her prose dazzling. I cherished every single moment that I spent between the pages of this perfectly imperfect story. Every character, every emotion, every new obstacle and every moment of doubt was worth the journey to reach the destination. Jensen’s articles made me smile huge, laugh, and they are the perfect way to spend just a little time inside his thoughts. This love story over flows with feels, and it took me days to recover from it. I still find myself re-living my favorite scenes even now, thinking about the beauty and the pain. This story lingers, the emotions return over and over again in waves, making you want to flip all the back to the beginning and start it all over again, immediately. I have so many highlighters in this book, it’s insane, I was a highlighting addict. Thank God for Kindle. I will be re-reading it, guaranteed, as it is without a doubt one of my all-time favorites. I happen to be a serial re-reader, especially when the book leaves me forever marked. Paper Hearts has done just that, it has left its mark on me permanently.

“Real love stories never end.”

Oh how I wish that this ^^^^ was the case with this story, because it could have gone on forever and I would still need to read every single word.

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