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My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster
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Jan 05, 2011

did not like it

This was possibly the worst book I have ever read. Partially because it is written on a fourth grade level. Partially because the author thinks she is hilarious, but is not. But mostly because the main character in the book is possibly the worst person I have ever read about. She is massively ignorant, and proud of it. Even while the book ostensibly is about her becoming "cultured" she resists at every level. This is a character, after all, who proudly proclaims that Ayn Rand and "Atlas Shrugged" is the founding philosophy of her life. Now, this character is not the first person I've encountered to claim that, but she is the first person who is not a pretentious high school junior. Most people recover and find philosophies with a bit more nuance and substance. The character is materialistic, willfully ignorant, stupid, selfish, and enormously irritating. And smug about all of it. This book is grist for every liberal who secretly believes conservatives are just really stupid, and is thus a profound disservice to intelligent Republicans. Seriously. She makes Sarah Palin look like the world's savviest political thinker.
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Lauren Then why did you bother to read the book if you found it so irritating?

Jenny This is a strange comment. You've never read something you didn't like? You should only review books you love? Why I read it is my business. It's my time, and it's not your problem how I spend it. I read the book, I didn't like it, I wrote a review. The end.

Lauren Just wondering. Geez.

No, I usually don't finish books I don't like. I just stop reading them and find one I do. And I think it's great you write reviews. I read your review. I asked a question. And got a response. The end.

Jenny Like I said, it's not a very complex book. It only took me a half an hour or so to read. If you're a fan of the author, maybe you will like it more. :)

Chris I think you nailed it. I enjoyed Bitter is the New Black, but if the author hasn't managed to gain any maturity between then and now, Ayn Randian philosophy is as good an explanation as any.

Ammu Great review!! Somehow I own a number of her books (light reading, what can I say?) but this was by far THE WORST. I can't get through it, but because I paid for it I want to end it.

If this is the only book of hers that you have read, I *can* say that Bright lights big ass was very funny. This was horrendous.

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April Vaughn I shall not be reading this book. If it's that bad then I can only wonder if the rest of her books are just as bad or worse??

Dominique Jenny, you said everything I was thinking.

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