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Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts
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Jan 05, 2011

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One reason I read Nora Roberts' books is the education I get. Fire jumping was an occupation I knew little about and I thoroughly enjoyed learning more. Ms. Roberts did a good job of unfolding the details without info dumps or little asides to explain every term. I went half the book before I realized what was meant by "guard your reserves," but immersion is an effective way to learn.

Overall, however, don't think this is Roberts' best effort. She has changed the way she writes over the past few years, and I find her shorter, choppier dialogs, and her habit of leaving out direct objects very distracting. The Bride Quartet was the first place the writing was so blatantly different, but this book suffers as well. (The Search didn't seem as bad, but I remember being irritated at times there, too.)

After someone asks Gull if he'd considered another possibility he responds, "The thought crossed."

That would be fine it it was used on one character and said something about that character's personality, but Roberts is using this type of snappy, modern dialog with many (and in the Bride Quartet, all) of her characters and it sounds stilted and unnatural, and the characters start sounding alike.

Gull and Rowan are great characters, and the secondary characters were equally enjoyable. In the end I enjoyed the romance and the suspense plot, but felt the reader is kept at a distance, never really getting close enough to anyone to really get caught up in their story. I always felt like I was reading a book, never like I was submerged in the action.

ETA: I was disappointed in Roberts for including the drinking game. Lining up and downing 11 shots of tequila is extremely dangerous, and the participants won't miraculously fail to have a hangover the next day. If you're going to show irresponsible drinking, at least show the real consequences which would include nausea, vomiting, shaking, headache and possibly fever.
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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane Stewart Yes mother (on the ETA). Very interesting on her leaving out the "direct objects." Great review.

Carrie Thanks, Jane. ;-) Any time you need little words of wisdom or moralization, just let me know. ::grin::

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