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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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really liked it

I was reading some of the bad reviews here and it kinda blows my mind how much some people hate this book. I'm not gonna jump on the bandwagon of people claiming he broke the fantasy mold and is just the best EVAR, but I don't really get all the vitriol.

To me, this was barely fantasy. It's historical fiction. Possibly the fact that I view it in that light is what keeps me from frothing at the mouth over the misogyny or the rape scenes. I don't know. There is misogyny and rape in real life. I don't like it, but so far my dislike hasn't made it go away. I think if every single character was a raping misogynist then I'd understand the massive hatred of this book. That's not how it is though, some are and some aren't and that strikes me as realistic.

Now if he'd written a book where no one was sexist, rape didn't exist and neither did hatred or violence I'd call THAT fantasy. And I'd really want to move there.

I don't feel like these books were over the moon or breaking new ground, but I did quite enjoy the story. Some of the characters I absolutely loathe, such as Joffrey (I hope he dies soon!) and Viserys. Oh Viserys was so horrible, I didn't feel the slightest bit bad about his death, nasty as it was.

I could see some of the historical connections. King Robert is clearly Henry the 8th, with Cersei being Anne Boleyn and Jaime being George Boleyn. It hardly took me any time to catch that and although it was very unlikely to be true, they really were accused of incest by their detractors.

Sansa makes my teeth ache. I understand some girls really are like that, but jeez is it annoying to read. I feel bad for how things went for her at the end of the book though. That sucked. I hope she grows over the course of the series; if he's a decent writer then she will.

Arya is the shit. I freaking love her. She better grow into a kickass woman or I'm going to be so mad.

Daenarys, that poor girl. She has had the crappiest storyline so far. It's like she's the character he chose to dump every possible evil on and it sucks. I totally guessed she would be the one to bring the dragons back, though I didn't guess the how. I hope they grow to protect her, I'm really tired of reading about people hurting her.

Overall, I found this really good. There were elements that were distasteful, but I don't expect everything to cater to my sensibilities. I'll definitely read the rest, I gotta know what happens.
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