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Dexter Is Delicious by Jeff Lindsay
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Jan 04, 2011

it was amazing

If I say it was delicious is that a horrible cliche? Once you start on Dexter, it becomes impossible to put the book down. Cannibals, vampires, Miami, Dexter, what more could you really want? He's becoming human, very slowly, but it's a cool process to watch. Minor spoilers ahead. Oh man, I felt bad for Dex when he brought home the board game and his brother was already there with the Wii. He had a moment of humanity, wanted to do something for his kids, and everyone ignores him the rest of the evening. He's trying so hard to be human, and it all blows up in his face. "I had a sudden picture of flinging myself on the bed and crying away the remains of my tattered heart." When he says something to that effect, it has the punch of both making you really sad and making you laugh at the insane image. That's the strongest image I got out of the book. Oh, poor Dexter. Oh, and the ecstasy scene was poor genius. That made me laugh. Now, living is south florida, I want to go visit Bucanner land. Does it really exist? I won't visit it at night though, because Dexter's right about those creepy after dark carnival places.
Overall, I find Dexter to be one of the most sympathetic characters I've read. No, I'm not harboring dark secrets myself, or a basement full of bones, but I think there might be a soul lurking in Castle Dexter afterall beneath the Dark Passenger. Even being a killer and inhuman, Dex is more real and likable than 90 percent of the shallow fiction characters I read. I think it's the humor, and honesty, and a little bit of feeling bad for him.

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