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Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward
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Jan 03, 2011

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Read from April 02 to 07, 2011

I miss the bad ass brothers, you know? Not Z walking around with a baby on his hip or V and Jane having marriage problems. meh...
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04/02/2011 page 109
22.0% "okay, if you know your husband is into S&M, why would you be shocked if he used wax on himself when he masturbated?"
04/02/2011 page 140
29.0% "but...V has subbed for Jane before. I thought they still played occasionally. I'm confused."
04/02/2011 page 143
29.0% "wtf? V and Jane have a problem for one day and she thinks 'my love won't survive forever with this.' Talk about cut and run when trouble comes." 3 comments
04/03/2011 page 200
41.0% "so what happened to Payne being this hardened warrior that was so fierce that she had to be locked away to protect others? What is it with the whimpering virgins?"
04/03/2011 page 204
42.0% "Please dear god, let Jane and V really be broken up!"
04/03/2011 page 206
42.0% "A surprising number of grown men cum in their pants in these books."
04/03/2011 page 220
45.0% "so now that all the BDB are too busy being married to be bad asses, a new gang of tough guys had to be brought in to fight the lessers? and wait! jacking off is cheating?"
04/03/2011 page 232
47.0% "Manny, the rock n roll poet."
04/04/2011 page 260
53.0% "oh yeah, lets castrate Qhuinn too because you can't have a mate and stay a bad ass. GUH! so no more hair or piercings."
04/05/2011 page 340
70.0% "V and Jane- "he'd always held her at arms length...shades of mommy issues after everything his mahmen had pulled" BUT...he didnt know his mom was when he met Jane!"
06/02/2016 marked as: read

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Chris Oh, thanks for the info, Heather. Ack! Does that exist anywhere as a single document?!?

message 52: by Mel (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mel I have the PDF?

Chris PM'd you, Mel! :D

message 54: by Mel (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mel You've got mail :)

Chris You rock! :)

Anita ~~~Heather S.~~~ wrote: "Chris wrote: "It is so, so, so good, isn't it, Mel? Now, if the authors would just write the Qhuay story, I'd be done with the BDB and much happier! ;)"

Chris- did you read Lovers Destined? It's ..."

I read that one! It was awesome!

message 57: by Allie (new) - added it

Allie What's Lovers Destined?

message 58: by Mel (new) - rated it 2 stars

Mel It's a fanfic about Qhuinn and Blay. Jason linked to it here.

~~~Heather S.~~~ Mel wrote: "I have the PDF?"

Thanks Mel!

Librarian Kate LOL, Jason - for true, my brother...like you read about! I, too, miss the WWE/gangsta bro-ness that made the first four books so deliciously fun. The faux urban-slang stuck around, but the characters she spent time creating in the first books are slowly being deconstructed as the series progresses.

And I was one of the loudest whiners when that smokin' hawt scene in the cave during Butch's initiation (and wasn't that a homoerotic feast?) between Butch and V wasn't followed up...BUT I totally credit Ward with opening my mind to the potential hotness of m/m erotica. If she hadn't left me frustrated by backing off that action, I wouldn't have gone looking for more...and more...and more!

message 61: by Allie (new) - added it

Allie I agree with you, Librarian, 100%!

message 62: by Norah (new)

Norah Never got over V and Butch not getting together,, loved the series but *shakes my head,, butch and V,,,just wold have been so right,,, ahhhh

message 63: by Mark (new)

Mark You are absolutely right, Sunshine (ummm...that's Jase). She has taken all the piss and vinegar out of our boys. I agree with everyone about V & Butch, that would have been so right! Hahaha...and you know how sick I am, I wouldn't have minded a little Z & Phury! *grin*

Jason Bradley oh me too!! And some Wrath and Tohr!!

message 65: by Mark (new)

Mark Jason wrote: "oh me too!! And some Wrath and Tohr!!"


Jason Bradley Then Hollywood, V and Wrath!

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