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The Annotated Alice by Lewis Carroll
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Jan 03, 2011

it was amazing
Read from January 03 to 08, 2011

The Annotated Alice is a volume containing both of Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories, which are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland follows Alice Lidddel as she accidentally stumbles into a strange world (known as Wonderland) and explores the world, having many strange encounters, including her meeting with the Dodo, and the famous tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare. Through the Looking Glass is the follow up, in which Alice goes through her mirror into another strange world, where things are opposite the way they are in the real world , and the landscape is in the shape of a chessboard. These stories do not have definite plots (these stories are mostly sub-stories about Alice’s encounters in these lands), but that actually makes them very fun to read. The characters in these stories are so memorable and original that they have become the most famous aspect of these stories. Best of all, the lack of true plot or sense in the stories’ events don’t by any means make these stories mindless. These stories are filled with subtle jokes, political references, and parodies (most of which are explained or pointed out in this wonderful annotated edition that I read) and even have special charm in them. Out of the two, I don’t like Through the Looking Glass as much as I liked Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, since the reader needs to know a lot about chess to really enjoy it (which I don’t). Overall, I recommend these stories to anyone of any age who loves fantasy classics, and if possible, see if you can find a copy of the annotated edition anywhere, since there is so much dry, clever, and insightful content that will slip past any reader without it.

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