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Salem's Legacy by Aaron Galvin
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So. I'm really upset that this was the last book. If it were up to me (and really, too bad it wasn't/isn't), this series would just go on forever until people are just like, "Stop already!" -- Which will probably never happen. I was really excited to get my copy of this book. Excited and dreading it because I knew there was going to be no more afterwards, but you know what? That's okay because:

Okay, so. Aaron Galvin, as usual, did the most amazing job with this book. Well, with all of them, really. It's like everything just built up so crazily from the first book and when you get to this third one, everything just kind of explodes, and you're left sitting there with your mouth hanging open and all, "What just happened?" ... Just me? Okay. Rebecca was the best protagonist here. Out of all the books I've ever read, she's probably the most independent, most strong-minded female I've ever come across. She's clever, smart, sharp - homegirl's got most of her shit together, okay? Her lust for vengeance is extreme and there's absolutely nothing that will stop her from sating that feeling. After all, she's lost her sister, her parents, her childhood - and despite the fact that she's got her brother George and her cousin, Andrew, she feels a little lost without her Father, Priest.

I ended up liking Mary and Betty a lot. Mary, especially, for recognizing all that she'd done wrong and doing her best to make amends for them, despite sort of knowing what her end was actually going to be like. I was really upset to see her go. Betty surprised me because she started off sort of as this unassuming character who repented for whatever she'd done in the past and is now living life as a devout Christian woman. BUT THEN THAT SCENE. You know what scene I'm talking about! Where she acts like she's betraying everyone and then turns around and then she's all -- KICKS ASS. YEEEEES.

This review was supposed to come off as incredibly professional - or at least, I was going to make a valiant attempt at it.

And I've failed.

But that's alright. I'm entitled to wig out and fan girl sometimes.

And then ANDREW. Oh, Andrew. :|

That scene towards the end where he sends everyone off, and then he and Rebecca ... and then ... boom.

And ... insertlipquiver.

This book might have made me a little emotional. I won't lie.

One thing remains clear. It's that I love this freaking trilogy and I hate to see it end.

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