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Assholes Finish First by Tucker Max
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Jan 03, 2011

really liked it

Just like his first book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, once again Tucker Max has managed to actually make me laugh aloud while reading his stories. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book, clearly he's matured and grown up a bit since the last one. Don't worry - he's still an asshole and a jerk but that's part of what make his stories hilarious. There are very few books that are so funny I have to stop and read certain passages aloud to my husband, and this is one of them.

I guess I should say that if you are a feminist or easily offended by non-politically correct people, then you SHOULD NOT under any circumstances read this book. I'm neither and I loved it. Just read it for the basic book that it is: a guy who is a jerk, who knows it, and who loves to be the center of attention and thus is also a damn fine storyteller. Would I go out and meet him for a book signing or try to be one of Tucker's whores? Hell no! But thank the gods for women who do, because they make for some damn hilarious reading.

I said that Tucker has matured since the last book - this seems to be a good thing. He clearly values his dog over most people, a quality I can't help but appreciate as someone who loves her dogs more than most humans. He also claims to want to settle down some day and have a wife and kids. Never thought I'd hear that from him. His story about HotNurse warmed my heart a little, and showed a bit of depth I wasn't sure the guy actually had in him. Clearly he loves women and sex, but he also values his friends as well. I think those out there who rip him to shreds need to step back a bit and ask themselves: if you were born with his wit and ended up in his situation, would you do it any differently? I wouldn't, if I was Tucker Max I'd be doing the exact same things he does. Except I would have burned in the fiery pits of hell before I went to Duke Law School. Go Kentucky!

I did enjoy I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell a little bit more than this one, mainly because I had no clue what to expect with the first book. I hear he's writing a third book, of which I will definitely buy.


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Ayhan Luck Yes, to demean, degrade, insult and abuse women are very funny and enjoyable. What about that ugly bitch whom he punched in her vagina? ha ha ha. What a stupid whore. We should encourage, promote and finance this guy and this kind of behaviour just as you did. I totally agree with you.
Oh, and these women who supposedly had sex with him are not whores but again, max thinks most, if not all,women are stupid whores and cum dumpsters. To lay blame onto women is just a noddish and stupip excuse to justify him by you.

Alysia Did it make you feel better to leave your little rant to my review of this book? I hope so. Loosen up, honey. I'm sorry you can't accept the fact that some people have different opinions and like different things than you.

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann I completely agree Alysia! If you read the book you can see that women seek him out. Virgins call him to help him lose their virginity, women stalk him at bars and book signings and one even got a tattoo that's pictured in the book. Would I want to be one of those women? No, but I'd love to be a barfly and watch what happens.

As opposed to the first book though, in this one he shows that he's not an asshole all the time. His stories have matured and so has he, as you mentioned.

But, I hadn't heard he was writing a third book... I can't wait!

message 4: by Ursula (new)

Ursula I agree with Alysia also. It takes two to tango my dear.

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