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hmmm.. I guess if you haven't read Percy Jackson, you'll definitely LOVE this book! It is enjoying to read! Rick Riordan is absolutely humorous! Writing in two different perspectives is really not easy, so thumbs up to him for that!

BUT! there's just a few 'but's since i'm an avid fan of Percy Jackson. i didn't quite enjoy it as i thought i would. it's just waaaay too similar to percy jackson. like percy jackson, they're also looking for children with pharaoh blood and everything. and like percy, the main characters carter and sadie lived in the shadow all throughout their lives but found out the truth later on when they have to save the world from Set.

BUT again, i still loved the book. It's interesting since it involves Egyptian gods and goddesses and their rich culture. Ancient Egyptian culture had always intrigued me when I was young and it is great to find a book about it, even greater to know that Rick Riordan's the author. I learned a lot in reading this book. It IS a good book on its own. I absolutely recommend it especially if you haven't read Percy Jackson yet.

although it's just my opinion. :)
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message 1: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl tell me what you think of this kit as soon as you finish this! curious pd ko ani nga book ba...=)

Nikita Jean Pearl wrote: "tell me what you think of this kit as soon as you finish this! curious pd ko ani nga book ba...=)"

sure jean.. i was just starting.. and as usual with rick riordan, LINGAW JD XA!! haha!! very interesting kay about egypt og mga gods sa egypt. hehe..

message 3: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl wow!hehe...nka buy na diay kag set ani nga series kit?

Nikita ohver!! first book pa lng ang milabas jean! hahaha!

message 5: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl aw! haha! sori ko kabalo... heheh..

Nikita haha.. apologies accepted. jean! sayang.. mi dalaw ganiha.. wala tka natxt kay.. u know.. haha! wen ka magkafon!?!? palit og kanang 999 oh!! cute kau! hehe

message 7: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl sus!!! sayang! knsa pa ang nakauban kit?? pero kita naman pud kog dalaw kit oi! hehe... yah lagi oi! pag abot cguro ni ate ellen karong 15, mgbuy nkog phone. haha! poor pa kau ko kron kit...

Nikita nge.. c alababoo, iris of jurry ra nuon. hehehe...
ay?!? ok lng pud diay. hehe..
haha! same here! pobre jd ko te!! as in poor! pennyless!! pobre na gani sa grades, pobre japun sa kwarta!! AMBOOOOOT ANI!

message 9: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl KOREK!!! gipagkaitan na jud ta sa atong life ba!!! grabe!! unsa pa kaya ang muabot na malas?! hahai...

Rollie naunsa ning kalibutan oi?

message 11: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl @rollie: bisaya man diay ka? haha.

Nikita murag excited ka sa muabot pa na malas jean??? hahaha!!

Rollie @jean: dili oi. murag kahibalo lako magbisaya. :)

message 14: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl awh! excited mo lng kit!! SUPER EXCITED KAAU KO

message 15: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl @rollie: aw! haha. glad to feel we(I and my friend) are not alone! haha.

Rollie @Jean: You're both definitely not alone since there are many Bisayas here in GR just lurking out there. :)

message 17: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl @rollie: *gasp* wow! kind of surprised there! lol. kuyaw jud ning mga bisaya dah. haha!

message 18: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl I'll wait for your review kit!!! =)

Nikita uh-huh... uh-huh.. i've just noticed the comments! haha!! karon lng intawon ko kabasa! lingawa oi! hahaa

message 20: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl lagi! dli lng diay kita ang bisaya (og kabalo mgbisaya) kit!! haha!

Nikita lagi! hahaha! abi gni nko english lng pwde dinhi goodreads! murag ulaw magbisaya! wahaha!

message 22: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl now that u meantion it kit, MURAG NAULAW na pud ko! hahaha! labi na sa FANGIRLS group thread, murag kita na lng ang cge og post2 didto, bisaya pa jud! hahah! dli na cla karelate! whahahah!

Nikita as in jean!! wahaha! unsa man!?!? delete?? delete nato!?!? ahahaha!! basig mashock cla! wahahaha!!!

message 24: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl cge kit. haha! mura tag nagaspam didto. hahah!

Nikita wahaha!! oki.. i'll delete mine. u delete yours. wahahaha!!! naulaw nko!

message 26: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl gdelete na nko kit! hahahah!

Nikita gdelete na pud nko jean! wahaha! naulaw gd ko kadali! hahaha

message 28: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl ulaw jud!!! mura na jud tag mnagaspam didto! wahahah!

Nikita hahaha!!! harsh pud oi.. we were just conversing.. in our own native tongue lng nuon. kita ray nagkasinabtanay! wahaha! murag wala lng sa group discussion!?!? WAHAHA!

Nikita jean, naa ko nabasahan na blog bah. nakahilak ko. natouch lng gd ko. basaha pa gud.. katong naay 2 babies na picture ang basaha.

message 31: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl hahahah! bahala sila! nadelete na btaw nato! hahahah! TAMA!!! pero ngtopic mn pd ta abt sa THG! haha! so naa japon connection, gamai. haha!

message 32: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl read it kit...

Nikita gamai!?! cge.. naa nlng connection. wahahaha!!

message 34: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl awe....nakaktouch jud sya kit!!! BATA pa gani kaau c IAN ha, pero my gosh!!! strong kaau sya!!! kuyawa niya kit oi... wonder child kaau sya ba... karon ra ko na bata na ing-ana kit ba... shet! i dont wanna cry!!!

Nikita as in!! grabe noh!? nabasahan lng gd nko nah jean.. lng kog mga blog sa mga tao.. nakahilak jd ko! pishte

message 36: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl as in jd!!! wonder child jd sya kit!!! unta oi, kung makaanak ko someday, pareha unta kay gosh!!! inspiring kaau sya na bata ba!!

Nikita aw.. dli pd kog pareha nya na naay sakit oi! mahurt pud ko jean oi! wahahaha

message 38: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl ai oo oi! hehe. idisregard lng ang sakit kit! hehe.. dli nana nko iapil ang sakit ni IAN sa akong magiging anak in the future. heheheh...

Nikita aw! abi nko gusto nimo pareho ni ian na naay sakit tapos happy japun! wahahaha!!! binuang!

message 40: by Jean Pearl (new) - added it

Jean Pearl hahahh! dli pd kit oi...

Nikita haha! tingala gani ko! namali lng diay kog sabot! haha

message 42: by Sami (new) - added it

Sami Odermatt I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson and is there really anything wrong with two series written by the same author to be written similarly? Isn't that what authors style means? I don't understand your review in that aspect.

message 43: by niy (new) - rated it 5 stars

niy Huge Fan also. LOVE the Percy Jackson series. Especially now that the Heroes of Olympus book series is a continuation of the prophecy Rachelle Elizabeth Dare recited in "The Last Olympian".

message 44: by Stav (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stav Like almost everyone, I was introduced to Rick Riordan by the infamous Percy Jackson series. I agree that a few general events were similar, like the quest to rescue a parent from the underworld, the help from gods and goddesses to defeat an evil force, the cross country road trip, etc., however that is true for almost all "hero" stories as they follow the stages formulated by Joseph Cambell in his story "Monomyth". In addition, the writing style would certainly have similarities, as both books were written by the same author.

Contrarily, I agree wholeheartedly about how informative the book was. One of the best aspects of Riordan's novels, is the way he is able to put a spin on mythology that engages young readers and actually makes them want to learn more. For this reason I'm glad he branched out to the lesser known Egyptian mythology from the typical Greek mythology that is taught in every literature class across the nation.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

The way Riordan wrote in two different points of views was defiantly one of the most interesting parts of the book. It gives the perspective of many characters while also maintaining the excitement and connection with the characters that one obtains through a first person point of view. However, I do feel that although the book is very vaguely similar to Percy Jackson in that it is about kids with powers who have some relation to gods, the story lines are completely different. Although certain aspects like the one you mentioned and the fact that in both books, (Red Pyramid and Lightning Thief), the final battle is the main character(s) against a god, the meat and flesh of each story is unique.
Of course in the end, I do agree with you in that the book was exhilarating and educational. I learned a lot about Egyptian mythology and also found it humorous. It is a great book.

message 46: by Bee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bee I read Percy Jackson and I haven't even finished the series because I found it boring when I was 10. Now I'm older and I read The Red Phyramid and it became one of my favorite books. I think it's way better than Percy Jackson. It is funny, nice, shows strong female heroine a I would love to have while growing up. It has everything I search for in book. Also greek mythology has been already done thousand times before and egyptian is great new idea.

There's a lot of people talking about Percy but it I'm not the only one who think that Kane Chronicles is better. He has the same style of writing because it's same writer. It's not easy thing to change. I think he did his best. For me, Kane Chronicles are my favorite books by him.

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