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Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson
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Jan 02, 2011

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Read in October, 2010

I picked up Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker on a whim. Because you know how it goes when you're browsing books... You look at something, you go "hmmmmm," check it out, bring it home... And then you keep your fingers crossed.

Warbreaker is quite the tome, filled with entertaining characters and drama. In this world, some of those who die are reincarnated as gods. They live in a compound, have their own priests, and have all their needs taken care of. And they can live for a very very long time. As long as they the breath to do so, of course. I know, you're thinking "hmm, nice life"... But there's a catch. Isn't there always? The breath that sustains these gods come from the people--it is literally sucked out of them. And while life without breath isn't quite death (for the people at least), it's obviously a sacrifice. Then again, what god doesn't deserve a mere human's sacrifice?

One part of Warbreaker deals with Siri, a 17-year-old Princess whose father has sent her to be wed to a God King whom she cannot speak to, look at, or *gasp* touch; her sister Vivenna, who was supposed to have been the "sacrifice"; the God King whom Siri marries; and the mercenaries that Vivenna finds herself seeking help from. Plot twists pop up all over the place, as the sisters try to find a way to avert and incite war.

The other part features Lightsong, one of the "younger" gods, and his irreverent interactions with his priests, the other gods, and the populace in general. I have to admit, I turned pages hoping for more Lightsong--he made me laugh out loud. The mercenaries made me laugh, too, but Vivenna was so stick-in-the-mud that she bored me to tears.

Warbreaker had a lot of promise that went unfulfilled and a lot of pages that I mostly skimmed over, but it's worth picking up if only to explore the crazy lush world Sanderson created and appreciate the foibles of some of these characters.

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