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Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman by William T. Sherman
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Jan 28, 2008

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so far I have a love hate feeling about Sherman...mostly hate...ok, wait...I've seen a documentary on Sherman in the past few days and his "march to the sea" was pretty smart...he's a real bad ass!

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message 1: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Hedgpeth Ross McElwee made a documentary, which was supposed to be about Sherman, but ended up being about a lot of other things too.....'Sherman's March' it was called. Its idiosyncratic and interesting...

Sherman considered some of the best years of his life those spent in South Carolina before the war....

His name came up at a party recently....I dropped it in a rather impolitic way to an acquantence from Atlanta....whooops

message 2: by Melody (new) - added it

Melody OH NO...never mention Sherman in or to anyone from Atlanta (lol) or Columbia South Carolina unless it is to curse his name! So I hear...I'm from North Carolina...I think he went easy on us for going quietly :) Plus he'd already burned everything else to the ground so maybe he'd calmed down a bit by then ;)

I did see a documentary which talked about how Sherman loved the south, was stationed in various southern areas or something...I'm not sure if the doc. I saw was "Sherman's March" fact, now that I think on it, I think the documentary I saw was part of a Ken Burns documentary on the Civil War and I just skipped to the Sherman part. I'll have to check out the one you've mentioned.

I hope to finish reading his memoirs sometime soon. He's a really fascinating guy...he appears in the novel I'm working on very briefly so I only needed a bit of information on him but I tend to get carried away...

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Hedgpeth I hear that Grant's Biography, the original one that Mark Twain helped him edit, is supposed to be a classic. Sherman and Grant were good friends. That was the friendship that won the war really

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