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Carry Your Heart by K.   Ryan
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It saddens me that I can’t be as effusive over every book as I want to be. As a reader you can empathize – you want to love every book equally but unfortunately we are people with different likes, and that will always influence how much we enjoy a book. I’m posting this review because I want to be fair and I hope that my review of “Carry Your Heart” may still encourage someone to try this book – they may like what I don’t and in that case this review has served it’s purpose.

Isabelle has come home from Duke University and she’s not going back. Only six months ago she lost her mother to lung cancer and the tragedy made her realize she doesn’t want to be a lawyer. But while she may know what she doesn’t want she has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Isabelle just knows she has to get a job or her father will kick her out of the house. Hearing that the local body shop is looking for a front office girl she applies, even though Caleb Sawyer works there. He used to irritate her all throughout high school and Isabelle doesn’t see that changing now.

Caleb is dealing with his own problems. He’s a member of the Iron Horsemen MC but his old lady is making his brothers doubt his ability to lead in the future. Ariel causes scenes, wants to leave Claremont and wants Caleb to go with her. But his devotion to the club keeps him in Claremont while Ariel leaves a trail of dust heading to California. Broken hearted, Caleb dives into whiskey bottles and loose women. Isabelle witnesses his destruction and feels no hesitation in letting him know he’s being an idiot.

Day by day, break by break, the two opposites begin to find out just how similar they are. Caleb helps Isabelle deal with her drunk father and Isabelle pulls Caleb out of his destructive spiral. But as her future unfolds it becomes possible that Isabelle could also be leaving Claremont, and Caleb, behind.

WARNING: Don’t read the paragraphs below if you don’t want to be influenced by a negative opinion before reading this book.

Okay, so this book sounded really good and I really wanted to like it. But certain aspects of the characters rubbed me wrong and kept me from liking it. For instance, Caleb falls into a serious and deep depression when his girlfriend takes off for California. A solid month of boozing, sleeping around and wallowing in his dark bedroom. All of this behavior was a HUGE turnoff for me. He’s in his twenties but he’s acting like a freshman in high school. I don’t buy him as a member of a one percenter motorcycle gang if he falls into this kind of behavior.

And then the ending was frustrating as well. K. Ryan did her best to show the reader why the choice Isabelle makes is still a strong and informed decision. And I can kind of see why – an individual’s choice is their own and they should be strong and confident enough to stand by it. But of the two choices Isabelle has, the one she take is the weaker choice. Straight up, this is my personal opinion and others will probably disagree with me. But this is how I feel about it. And I had thought until the ending that Caleb had developed enough to not fall into the depressing and childish habits he had after Ariel. But I was proven wrong and it’s a major part of the reason why the book disappointed me.

I loved the poetry aspect Isabelle brought to the story. ee cummings is a brilliant writer and I believe it shows great taste on both K. Ryan and Isabelle’s part that his writing carries such an emotional part of this story. It was the saving grace for me on this book and why I believe that K. Ryan will develop into a much stronger writer. I hope to see the rest of the series has more development of the characters and a more cohesive plot. I believe that K. Ryan can accomplish this as she is talented.

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