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Darkness Before Dawn by Sharon M. Draper
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Jan 01, 2011

this book really went even more deeper into teen's feelings on death , well in this case two deaths in 1 year , this book connects to the book "tears of a tiger " if you had read my other review on that book you would have seen the grief these kids had to go through , but in this book andy had took his own life , and his ex-girlfriend which they had broken up a few days before , really had to feel more pain then andy did when his friend robert had died , she didn't know what to think robert was her friend also and now andy had taken his life , because everything was going wrong in his life , he couldn't cope with any of that. in this book it really goes into , different feelings with one person , her as a girlfriend , best-friend and was almost like a big sister to Andy's little brother which had found him dead , Andy's girlfriend felt as if she had to be strong for everybody , because nobody knew how to react she mostly felt like she had to be strong for his little brother , because his little brother really didn't understand , in the mix of all that Keisha lost herself , didn't really speak to anybody and when somebody did or when she spoke to someone she just broke down , she was to busy holding up for others she didn't really look at her feelings and how bad she really was hurting , Keisha really did love him . this book dives really deep into the hearts of teen girlfriends , ex-girlfriends , feelings and hearts and how they really don't seem really there , for example Keisha comes back to her senses but really doesn't believe it , she more denying his death , and she loses herself all over again and finds comfort with her a coach , this is anyway this book expresses ways on her girls find comfort with someone that really doesn't understand what the whole thing. her friends remind her that there's no reason to run away from the problems and that there all dealing with the same thing . this book i redmond if anybody wants to tear a bit and understand what these teen girlfriends have to deal with when a lost comes across .
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