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This was worse than all the other books on my "books that pissed me off" shelf up together.

Really & truly.

Even the VERY few redeemed qualities this series had have just been destroyed under the sheer weight of how overly disgusting this shit fest of a book really is.

Spoilers ahead. Just warning you,since I'm gonna be ranting a fucking lot.

Let's start the list off with the writing.

1.Mainly the repeating of information & the dialogue. I started highlighting, but there was just to damn much here in "hunted" I had 2 give up, for the sake of my mental wellbeing. Really. About a million different times we are reminded of things that after four other books, we already know. Like that the twins aren't really twins, Damian & jack are gay, all about Zoey & her exploits, Zoey and her boy troubles, how bad the big baddie nerfret is, how hot people are, how her & stark had a connection..., the list is fucking endless. It's boring, takes up valuable page space, and is insulting to the reader. I can understand a passing mention of something here or there. But whole paragraphs, no, pages, devoted to recapping? We're being treated like we're stupid. That we can't remember what happened one or two books ago. People reread books for a new release believe it or not. & you know, despite what you thing, Casts, most people don't start series in the fifth fucking book. Most readers start at the beginning. Get that through you thick skulls.

Then there is the dialogue problem. Most of it is this pointless fucking banter that adds nothing to the plot. Nothing. It's all half assed attempts to sound like real teens, but it fails miserably. & when it's not dumb bimbos bantering about clothes & hags from hell & other dumb shit like that, it's just Zoey and her friends talking about the same things over & over, trying to figure stuff out, but nothing ever really gets done. So much could have been edited out, but no. It's not.

Also, how old is Darius supposed to be. I realize he's meant to be in his early to mid twenties, but when he speaks it's like a really bad lord of the rings imitation. :/ sad, because the guy has potential, but he's wasting it following this dumb fuck around. Just because Zoey has fancy powers, doesn't mean she should be allowed to be a leader. Never mind a religious leader.

2. Which leads me to my next issue. As always, a main character has probably the biggest effect on the story. They need to be an interesting person. A protagonist can be good or bad or neutral. They don't have to be likable. Not really. But having an unlikable lead character can be a good thing. If it's handled the right way. Anti Heroes can be tons of fun.

But it all fails when your main character is the most judgmental, shallow, stupid, hypocritical, prudish bitch in all of literature... But she is still the chosen one. The gal that's supposed to save the day. The one I am meant to be rooting for.

Well I am sorry. (Not really). I CANNOT cheer on a girl who is so damned obsessed with everyone's looks. Who is constantly mentioning how hot her 3 boyfriends are, but then calls the poor mind controlled girls who are fanning over the ones controlling them "annoying." Who thinks its "hoish" & "skanky" to have even the tiniest bit of sexual urges. Who constantly goes on about how special she is. Who gets mad at Erik for getting jealous and not trusting her after she has made it perfectly clear that she CANT be trusted. Who thinks its ok for her to string a long all these guys at once and be a cheating, lying, jerk, but God forbid stark be with more than one person. A girl who thinks that she's really in love with a boy she's know for only a couple days. A girl who handles rape so disgustingly. (More on that in a minute.)

yeah she sucks. I mean, I might fight her entertaining if she was an anti hero. But she's not. She's supposed to be a good guy. The savior of the good guys. & if Nyx is really as wonderful as they keep trying to make me believe, then there is no damned way she should have ever picked Zoey Redbird to be a chose one.

3. Token characters. Like I said, we are reminded many many times that Damian & jack are gay. To a point were it is pretty offensive. It's clear that they only really exist as token characters to show how diverse the group is or how accepting Zoey is. (Even though she totally isn't) & shaunee, of course, is the black member. We are told several times in the story that she's coffee colored. Because clearly, the people reading this must be reminded of it. Maybe the writers thing we magically forget she was jamacian in the last few pages of plot? -_- then there is Kramisha. A walking stereotype of African American teen from the inner city. Everything about her, from her mannerisms to the way she dresses screams stereotype & it really is painful to read about her. It's just so racist. How did the casts get this character through editing? I don't no, but it say a lot for the stupidity of these publishers, I'll say that.

4. Love interests. Meaning, Erik, Stark, & Heath. (& kinda Kolona) So fucking annoying! As if Zoey & her boy drama wasn't already bad enough, we throw in Stark the archer dude who can't miss & who Zoey feels this "connection " to right before he kicks the bucket. I guess Erik the "honestly a good guy " wasnt working, so they brought in Stark as a "bad boy" replacement.

See, maybe this wouldn't annoy me so much if it had been dealt with differently. But instead of just keeping the break up all uber messy because Zoey was an idiot and slept with her teacher, the casts did a one 180 with Erik, turning him from bland, boring nice guy to complete controlling jerk. & not just the appropriate jerkish reaction to catching his girlfriend in the arms of another man. He was angry then and had every right to be. She betrayed him. But it went from that to total "caveman control the woman because she be property " mindset. Again, this kind of behavior might be a justifiable on Eriks part. He cared for Zoey but she hurt him. He thought, within reason, that she was going to go outside & do it again. But this time with Heath. He KNOWS she's unfaithful & that hurt & he didn't know what else to do. Both were wrong at times in this relationship. Mostly Zoey, since Erik was just reacting to her bad choices. & really all this sudden crap from him could have been forgivable, because there was motivation behind it.

But then later in the story it is confirmed by his ex girlfriend Aphrodite (my fav character) that he tried the same sort of controlling "don't talk to other guys" behavior with her. Destroying the simple "nice guy" character description & undermining the motivation for his reactions. He didn't act that way because he had been wronged. But because he's not a nice guy. He's just a controlling dick who is really fucking good at acting.

& why is this just how coming up after four other books of him always being a "genuinely good guy".

Because of stark. Because for some insane reasons these bitch authors decided they needed a bad boy character. A shitty excuse of a tormented soul character. That's much better than the same old nice boy route, huh? Stark destroyed 4 books worth of character development, which in all honesty, could have been very interesting. In the right hands Erik & Zoey's problems could have been dealt with and used to further plots and personal growth. But no. The potential is being pushed aside for stark.

& you know, I get that teens love lives are full of drama. Mainly because teens are idiots. But there is a point where it's to much. & all the drama with strak, Erik, & even the fallen angel dude.... It all goes above and beyond to much. It just gets in the way of the basic good versus evil plot. (which at its core is a tried and true good plot, but fails in the hands of p.c & Kristen cast.)

5. Connections. These characters don't understand love at all. You can feel lust for the hot guy, sure. Maybe even like him after a big important conversation like the one Zoey and Stark shared in book 4. I'll buy that. But I can't believe all this shit they keep spewing about love and connections. & knowing how good the other is. Because they can't know. Not from just a few days of knowing each other. It's not love. It's insta love. It's sickening & unrealistic. These two are morons & Zoey has no right doing all this crap, like kissing him and sleeping in bed with stark when she's still with Erik. & really? He's saved from the dark because of Zoey making him feel? How cheesy. >:( someone put me out of my misery please! They are not in love. & what kind of dumb advice is "what you really are is how you act most of the time" (Zoey page 275) so.... I don't get it. Seriously!? What the actual fuck?! So, are you saying that Hannibal Lecter was a good guy because he acted like a good guy most of the time? I don't understand your logic. -_-

6. Rape. Stark, our love interest. Is, like I said, the tormented soul type. He's having this great inner struggle with his humanity. Much like Stevie Rae did. & see, he has to choose good over evil. But for most of the book, he's in the in between state. Like Stevie Rae was when she was eating street people. & while he's like this, he pretty much mostly bad. You know, whining about how he's a monster & stuff. & he needs blood. So since there are no humans around to feed from, he has to use fledglings. So Zoey and Darius walk up on him biting & molesting this poor girl, getting ready to freaking rape her. They save the girl, of course. But then there's no punishment. None at all. In fact, Zoey basically comforts Stark about his evilness. Then later she hops in bed with this sexual assultor to go to sleep next to him. How dumb can you get?

But the worst part is the victim blaming with Becca, the girl he attacked. Everyone, even Becca herself, dismisses it because Stark is hot. & I guess maybe because she been brainwashed & the nerd herd has bigger issues like saving the world. Idk, but it's still really fucked up. The whole issue is treated so badly, it makes me kinda ill just writing about it. Here what Erin said about poor brainwashed Becca's behavior. Even after it's been established that she's a "pod person " & that vampires have some kind of aphrodisiac in their saliva to make getting bite fun for the human.

"She panted after him like a terrier." & "talk about being used & then wadded up & thrown away like a snot rag."

Her twin, shaunee, also called Becca pathetic.

Wtf?! So.... It's not a big deal that Becca was nearly raped because she liked it against her will, because of a crazy vamp spit drug & brain washing? It's her fault then? Because she could fight a spell from a fallen angel & a psychic powered vamp?

It's also awful.... If you are planning on reading "hunted" I urged you to pay extra close attention to these scenes, because it's really beyond disgusting the way she's treated & how stark doesn't get in trouble for it, it's all just dismissed & I want to literally hold Zoey's head under water until the bubbles stop for how she reacts. This is the girl a goddess wants in charge?


I desperately wish I could give this zero stars. It's that bad. The 1 good thing I could say? Well, I think the raven mockers are pretty cool. Imagine the effects in a movie! They'd look really bad ass. At least like I picture them. I can never be to sure how they were meant to look in the book. The casts aren't so great at describing. I see The body of a man, totally covered in black feathers with weird red eyes, wings on their backs (like angels of maximum ride.) & a giant beak. cool, huh? The cgi would be stellar on them. For creepy monsters things, they're high on my list of cool looks. Next to orcs & dementors.

Only read if you are a fan for some odd reason, want to write s fun ranting review, or simply have the need to finish what you start. :)
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Lanie Woo Hoo! I got a like :)

Bethany Love your review! I think you covered a lot of interesting points. The authors are really horrible at creating and developing this series.

Lanie Thanks. :) do you like the series? I think it's bad, but it's still kinda fun is a guilty pleasure kinda way. ;) you know what I mean?

Bethany yeah its more of a hate than a love relationship for me lol xD im trying to get throug the books so ill never have to read them again xD its killing me, but its really addicting lol

Lanie Oh god. You poor thing! The last few get SUPER bad. So bad that it's not even fun to laugh at anymore.

Bethany lol brain will be fried by the time im done with them

Lanie I had to give up on ever finishing the series. I've never read the last book. And when I tried to read the series a few months ago, I actually had to get a bit drunk to finish "burned." Lol. That how bad they get.

Bethany lol xD I wouldnt be able to focus while drunk

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