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Things Bogans Like by E. Chas McSween
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Dec 31, 2010

it was ok
Read on February 13, 2011

Things Bogans Like contains reprints and a handful of new posts from the blog of the same name. The blog was established in 2009 by six men who decline to take credit but admit that it was inspired by the blog Stuff White People Like and given a decidedly Australian twist.
An Australian bogan has equivelents through out the world, trailer-trash/rednecks in the US and chav's in the UK. Once upon a time you were identified as a bogan by simply living outside of the metropolitan area of any capital city (usually to the west though to the east if you live in Perth.) However now it is a term that identifies a subculture rather than location and McSween and friends have taken it upon themselves to outline the indicators of bogan-icity.
Mostly these short diatribes are amusing and certainly not to be taken seriously. The authors have proved themselves to be astute observers of the population and it's hard to deny that many of us secretely consider that the parent of a child named Bacardee or Mersaydees is also likely to be wearing ugh boots outdoors with a knock off Prada handbag on her arm or wearing a wife beater while drinking imported beer. There is a ltlle bogan in everyone I think, I don't own anything from Tiffany & Co but half my electronics were purchased via Harvey Norman's various interest free loans.
The potential is there for some people to take offense, especially those for whom this runs just a little too close. I could only read Things Bogans Like in small doses because the humour wanes a little under the relentlessly elitist tone.
Unless you are determined to buy your own coppy of this glossy page paperback, you can save yourself a few dollars by reading the Things Bogans Like blog. How bogan are you?

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message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra This looks like a classic Shelleyrae!

You'll have to tell what you think of it, when you get there.

Shelleyrae at Book'd Out I shall - just reserved it at the library so may be a few weeks til I can get my hands on it :)

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra No probs, whenever is fine. Not like I don't have plenty of others to read. hahaha

Shelleyrae at Book'd Out Lol I reserved 7 titles all at the same time - even though I have 13 books i need to read this month already, not even counting the ones I want to read!

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