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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick
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it was amazing

Raise your hand if you saw my name next to a five star rating and thought you were dreaming. Dreaming of electric sheep. Boom.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh baby. How have I not read this until now? Why haven’t I seen Blade Runner before? Why?! Why?! Whyyyyyyyyyyy.........

Everything about this book is just, just, so... just so... everything about this book, man, this book, it’s just so... it is. This book.

Awesome. This book is awesome.

Words I’m trying to eliminate from my vocabulary: man, awesome, cool, legit, nice, word. It’s been a real struggle so far.


I loved this book, obviously. It made me think. It made me turn the pages. It made me move my eyes ferociously back and forth. The chapters were irrelevant. I blew right through them like running a red light. I felt the same exhilarating feeling I would have felt if I was actually running a red light. That’s how this book makes you feel, like you’re speeding in a car and running all the red lights. And there are no bounty hunters or blade runners to worry about. No... early retirement.

The Nexus 6 is the name of a highly advanced robot, a cellular telephone, and probably an elite Quidditch broomstick. I wouldn’t be surprised. Keep checking Pottermore.

Are you a fan of Westworld? Fahrenheit 451? Brave New World? Blade Runner? Battlestar Galactica? Star Wars? Star Trek? Die Hard? Ex Machina? If you said YES to all of these... can we be friends? We already are? Can we continue our friendship? If you answered YES to three of those, this is probably the book for you, most likely, surely. Enjoy!

What a fantastic read this was! What an absolute joy to experience this story! What a privilege we all have to have access to great book such as these, and also other books as well. What a great time to be alive! What a wonderful world we all live in! How lucky are we to sit here in our living rooms and bathtubs reading away and enjoying literature at its finest?

Good Lord, life is grand.

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20.0% "Oh man.... I love this so far...."
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40.0% "Ironically, the Nexus 6 is an Android phone! And an Android model in this book! Mind blown!!!!!!"
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message 1: by Dawn Michelle (new)

Dawn Michelle Can electric sheep jump higher over the fence than non-electric sheep? Inquiring minds and all. ;-)

Justin If it’s the new Nexus 6 model.... yes.

Pamela One question I always ask: Did you notice how, at the end, Dick foresaw Facebook/Twitter? It’s the bit where the wife says she has to “go online” to tell about the animal, and she something along the lines of how if you don’t post it, it didn’t happen. (That’s not an exact quote, but it’s pretty much the intent.)

Bradley Gonzo! Love it. :)

Justin Thanks man!!

message 6: by Nat (new)

Nat K You make me smile!

message 7: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Great review, Justin. Wondering why I haven’t read this yet!

Michelle Curie I love how the date was changed in later copies of this! Guess we've got another four years then to invest in some pets!

Justin Michelle - that’s a great point. We should definitely start thinking of ways to accumulate lots of animals. Maybe something like Noah’s Ark. Then, when everyone else is freaking out, we would be rich!

Sarah You know, if someone didn't know better, they might think you liked this book.

7jane Guess you liked it! 8D Me too, about the same level of enthusiasm felt, too. <3

Justin Haha! When I rate something 5 stars, I get a little carried away in conveying how much I love it.

message 13: by Ginger (last edited Nov 08, 2017 10:55AM) (new) - added it

Ginger Great review Justin!
I can't believe I've never read this. Added it to the never ending list.

message 14: by Diane (new)

Diane Wallace Good review, Justin!

Justin Thank you, thank you.... and thank you!! Ginger, I’m shocked you haven’t read this before.

message 16: by Ginger (new) - added it

Ginger I’m shocked as well! 😂

message 17: by Meghan (new) - added it

Meghan Fantastic! I’ve been wondering about this book after re-watching Bladerunner. Adding to my list right now. Glad to see your review!

Justin I watched the first half of Bladerunner. I got tired. I’m old. But it was awesome! The book is worth it, especially if you liked the movie!

message 19: by Tal (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tal I LOVE the book, Justin. Glad to see anyone else sharing my thoughts!!!

message 20: by Karen (new)

Karen Rush Such an entertaining and great review.

message 21: by Coni (new) - rated it 4 stars

Coni (conireads or skingproject) This review was so entertaining! I read it after watching Bladerunner many times so I had to make my mind work around the differences (I much prefer reading books before movies), but I still really enjoyed it.

Justin Thanks, Coni! The movie was awesome, too, but a much different experience.

Erica I’m reading this right now and this review has me pumped! Also I like all those movies/shows you mentioned. Can we be friends?!

Justin Yes, absolutely! But... we are friends...?

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