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Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder by Obert Skye
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I liked this book fairly well, but the ending was really disappointing. Sure, everybody lived happily-ever-after like I wanted them to, but the ending was so abrupt, switching from the chaotic destruction of the world to a calm, picturesque meadow with everybody laughing and eating together. It was enough to give me whiplash. I needed details. What exactly happened after Leven cut the tree down? What was the great thing that Winter was supposed to do? We're told that Winter holds the answer to everything and is going to save everybody. I guess I must've blinked and missed that part. She never did ANYTHING! I waited the whole book for her to do something spectacular, but nothing ever happened. Why are we told she's going to do something amazing if she never does anything at all? I feel like Obert Skye meant to take the story in a slightly different direction, then changed his mind and forgot to fix the beginning that was still leading up to his original idea. Also, Winter never gets her memory back, which was a huge disappointment for me. I've been waiting the whole series for her to remember her past, and I still don't know anymore about her first time in Foo than I did in the second book.

I was also mad about the way things ended with Janet. Again, there weren't nearly enough details. What happens after Janet is visited by her whisp form? Does she actually change? What about Osk? Do he and Janet ever meet again?

All in all, while entertaining and an interesting, this book was very disappointing. Hopefully, Obert Skye will redeem himself in his next series about Geth. I'm hoping all of these holes were on purpose and he plans to fill them in in his next book. By the way, I am planning on reading this next series, so I guess that says I liked these books well enough to keep reading them.

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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben doesn't the last battle do a switch from end of the world destruction to a picturesque meadow?

Anna Yeah, but somehow it makes more sense in the Last Battle. This seemed like Obert Skye was in a hurry to get done with his book and just decided to end it.

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