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Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving
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Dec 31, 2010

it was amazing

John Irving at his finest since Garp. I reread chapter one 3 times, entranced in the details of the boy's body drifting along the river, then getting wedged in the logs, hanging there as if a part of the tree. Then, as the story unfolds, the references to the twisting river was so amazing, relating the river as a passage of time, mannerism of writing, the taunts life brings, and how the swelling of the river can surface even the ugliest in human soul. When the little boy smashed the Indian woman in the head, it was so brutal, I think I even got a head ache! As the boy grew up I cried for the loss of his "Indian mother", praised his courage, laughed over the lust for the 'balloon" woman,and later appreciated the married man he had become. I struggled liking him when he was with the hippie chick, I felt he was so much better than her. When he became a father, his true calling came, and the best part of the book is here, specially when he referred his worth as a father to his own father. That was great. AS in the beginning, I reread the last 3/4 chapters over several times. I loved he finely got together with the balloon lady, becoming soul mates. Mostly, I lost myself in the swaying of that little tree, as he thought out what to write, such soft touches of detail, yet so brutally cold. Irving at his very finest!
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