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it was amazing

Not knowing 'at all' what to expect, I listened to the audiobook on my overdrive app
from the library.

I fall asleep too early to watch SNL. I didn't watch the Emmy's. I never heard of
Parks and Recreation. The only movie I saw Amy in was "Baby Mama".
... But I did see The Golden Globes when she and Tina Fey were the hosts.

I had zero expectations about "Yes, Please". I remembered a few reviews when the book 1st came out. Many of her fans were disappointed, yet a few people enjoyed it, if my memory is correct.

Me...I enjoyed the audiobook a lot! I'm sure I could not possibly have enjoyed the book as much as listening to Amy read it! (Amy inserted many 'add-libs') Other guests including her mom & dad joined in to read, giving us their perspectives. These were some of the most touching moments.
A big part of the enjoyment was the feeling of 'being with Amy'....and getting to know her. If Amy read the phone book - I think she could have held my attention.

Random Thoughts & Feelings: (in no particular order)

....Amy has heart! She really 'is' that girl you'd love to be best friends with.
I adore her energy... her outlook on life.

Amy is funny. She is also tender, compassionate, deeply appreciates her life. She express joy - is aware -values family- friends- working hard - honesty- forgiveness -
and love.

It was fascinating to learn more about her dealings at SNL. I loved hearing more about when she was 8.5 months pregnant during one of the most memorable political years in history.

I had tears in my eyes when she shared about the mistake she made associated with
the handicap - people she hurt - how she handled it wrong - ( how it ate at her - still - a year later)... She included in this conversation 'our ego'... and the role it plays -
often making it soooo hard to forgive. Amy shared how she attempted to clean up
the hurt she contributed to another A YEAR LATER...
The entire story was fucking inspiring! I can't imagine a person not being able to relate to that story - in some form in their own life. My tears were from my own past sorrows.
AS FAR AS I WAS CONCERN ....AMY deserved 5 stars for her book for that one story alone!!!

Another 'teary' moving moment. ( later in the tape... different but sooooo beautiful!!!)
Amy talked about HER BIRTH ... That's right .. 'The day she was born'. It was clever - funny- contributing with advice suggestions, and mostly it was a touching- inspiring moment when we got to witness how much Amy loved her parents -- and how much her parents loved her.
When her mom and dad talked - I was 'mush'.

Amy's parents gave some of the best 'advice' messages about marriage I've ever heard ... I loved it. "TV is OK in the bedroom, dinners don't matter that much if they are on the table each night, ... but always love and respect your spouse ..never take cheap stabs". ... etc etc etc. I can't remember now all that they said.
Paul wants to hear this audiobook, so I may hear parts of this this again.

Amy is vulnerable- brave - inspiring- with a rocking personality . She talked about her sleep disorder, her years with drugs. I laughed when she said was going to lie to her kids about how much she did. If they listen to her audiobook one day - like the rest of the world....guess that lie won't stand. lol

Amy talked about sex .. ( great advice for men and women), she talked about creeps, and unhealthy boundaries, she talked about growing up, her neighborhood, working in an ice cream restaurant ...'singing happy birthday', tipping ( TIP HIGH...I agree!), doing service, she covered many issues we all care about.. all emotions were all the table.
She gave great advice when she talked about the difference of living your life from passion verses being attached to the results we manifest. A B- is OK in her book. ( I love that attitude). She talked about protecting your own heart. ... not having to 'save' others ...'fix' their problems...( she admits all easier said than done), but protect yourself too. You never have to share embarrassing moments or anything you don't feel like sharing to people "who don't have your heart"! ( amen, Amy!)
.......and Amy was always acknowledging other people. I think I loved that quality about Amy best of all.

She's real..and a ball of loving fun! Hell yeah, I'd love to be friends with Amy Poehler!

Ya can't convince me this book was a disappointment... it wasn't for this girl!

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message 1: by Seemita (new)

Seemita Good to see you rating this work so high, Elyse. I have this book with me but never found any inspiration to pick it. But you have changed that :)

message 2: by Elyse (last edited Nov 05, 2015 06:02AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Elyse Walters Seemita, if possible...see if you can get a copy of the audiobook (overdrive from the library had it here).
When I took my walks (had to take them anyway) --she was a delight to walk-'with'!

Sure there were moments she talked about people in the 'show-business' I knew nothing about and couldn't relate to much --but there was value in 'listening' to the tape.
Woman know when other woman are being authentic --right? We also know when woman are being 'snakes'...lol
Amy is an inspiring 'woman'... (she even talks about women friendships -the female wars between stay at homes mom's and working moms -etc.) --
She just touches on so many real life situations --
I didn't look at this as 'only' a funny book.

When children love their parents --really are friends with them --even 'that' shifts the world.

I'm sure the book has many of the same qualities as the audio --but to 'hear' her parents speak (hear their voices) -- made things being said that much more truthful and profound.

I'm going to buy the audiobook for my 34 year old daughter. She comes for a visit this month --We can load it on her iphone. She is a busy actress in LA. Steady working --but not famous --She is tiny like Amy. My daughter told me many of her friends told her to read the book --
I say--'forget it'....
Listen to the book if possible. The add-ins are worth it.

By the way-- I'm still so moved by many of the classic books YOU read --(you're killing me)...lol
I have "Family Matters" that you soooo inspired me with sitting 'waiting' for me to read before New Years this year...
along with another book that Steve inspired me with called: "Mr. Ives's Christmas".

Just 15 more Netgalley books to read...lol

Audiobooks don't count --(they are 'walking -sauna -and laundry-books) --They fill in the 'extra' time!

Hugs Seemita!
Off to the gym to 'read& ride'...xoxo

Dawn I listened to this book as well. I feel it made it so much more enjoyable than reading it. Glad you liked it, too!

Elyse Walters Thanks for sharing Dawn. ( and you too, huh?). Wonderful enjoyment and wise reminder messages for our soul ...and good laughs.

Glenn Sumi Great review, Elyse! I just finished it a few weeks ago and teared up too at the chapter about finally acknowledging her mistake! The audio was a riot.

Elyse Walters Thanks Glenn, I agree "The audio was a riot". So many wonderful moments listening to Amy --from when she was a child in her neighborhood -- to present day!

JanB Add another fan of the audiobook here! I agree that she's someone I'd like to be friends with. I also thought she "over-shared" on some topics :) I loved Tina Fey's Bossypants even more!

Iris P With your charming review along with so many thumbs up on this thread, Illegal have to invest one of my Audible credits on this book soon!

Elyse Walters Yeah... Tina Fey and Amy are both a kick together. It's fun to watch their friendship too. Nice to witness.

Iris...parts of the audible are better than others of course - but overall ..
Good messages

message 10: by Toni (new) - rated it 3 stars

Toni I was disappointed when I read the book. The audiobook definitely changed my mind. You're right, she poured out her soul in the audio. Game-changer for sure.

Elyse Walters Yeah, Toni... I was thinking, I might not have even care much for the book itself.

I'm starting to see, (as a newbie to audiobooks), that some stories really 'are' enhanced with a speaker who is 'real'...and "pours their heart and soul" into it ...
such as you say, Toni, ...which Amy sure did!

message 12: by Esil (new) - rated it 4 stars

Esil Elyse -- Id didn't realize I hadn't "liked" your review. Just re-reading now. It's a perfect description of how I'm enjoying this audio so far

Elyse Walters Aww. Don't parts of it really touch you in a very human - 'lasting' way?

I've been sad - on and off lately. It happens to me this time of year.
Some years worse than others.

Paul's accident was a year ago tomorrow. He bought a new car today.

My emotions -( privately Esil - are a little raw right now)..,
Holidays bring up memories from childhood -deeply lonely - my fathers death -
and a little mad at myself for pulling away from everyone I can in my life - like dodge ball -
Finding excuses not to go to social gatherings --
So the opposite of the aliveness I adore in Amy and her audio tape
I connected with her on many levels ( I suppose many of us do)..
I have times when I feel sooo alive .,,
Yet times like these where any little thing is enough to set me off --
Finding myself say those words again ."I quit"
I'm not even sure what I'm trying to quit ..
Other than its a feeling of wanting to bolt

Oops. Paul needs me.
I'll be ok.

Enjoy the tape.

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