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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
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Jan 23, 2017

really liked it

Actual Rating : 4.5 stars

"I've learned that memories can have a physical, almost living presence, and in this, Savannah and I are different as well. If hers are stars in the nighttime sky, mine are the haunted empty spaces in between "

Another romance written by Nicholas sparks . Sparks novels are all written in an easy manner that you'd read his books in a breeze . i loved this story and actually i loved the way it presented love even more . because if for the general outline of the story its the type of thing that you may have read often , but then from the same plot you can make different stories with different perspectives .
not long ago I've read Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez , and surprisingly inspite of all the difference in the writing style , these two stories share the same concept , However , even with the fact that Marquez is great with dealing with words but his novel got only two stars from me . and for the same reason i loved Dear Jhon , i resented the other , The way it represented Love . Though i haven't written a review of LITTOC yet but i'm willing to do soon and when i do , big part of it would be criticizing how obsession and many other mutilated concepts were tucked under the veil of love . while here it might have felt better because it was flawed and realistic yet it was selfless and i think , if anything , that's the essence of love .

John's father character made a great impression on me , I just loved this character that its a whole big part of the reason me loving this novel , it was the most poignant, i cant but feel deep respect for Bill Tyree , the way he led a life that demanded too high of expectations yet still managed is so worth a veneration , the whole story had a big deal of heartache but i have to say that the only one that pushed my tears off the edge was his last days with his son , it was wounding to see his light that never shined enough yet shined always dying out .

The end was bittersweet , it was the best Sparks could have offered his story , because at some point i thought that it will end Lovey-Dovey with obstacles swept out of the way when the writer is over with the required angst of a romantic novel .But then he didn't .
Sparks is a heart breaker , yes . but he has mastered doing it so well that you wouldn't mind , the end had this undertone of extreme sorrow , but still it made me smile , i just know that it had felt right . it did make me sad and i had my share of heart ache while reading it but i like that it glorifies love and offers it the very precious trait of being "selfless " and "unconditional ".
So , the story wasn't perfect , it had few moments here and there that may have been cliche , its a romantic that many may consider sappy , i mean I would have dropped down my rating if it wasn't for the end that gave the whole story a new shade of color , if it wasn't for the father - son relationship , if not for it dealing with an important topic as autism , but you know what ? the important thing is that i didn't .
i didn't drop my rating and it means that i loved it , that it compensated and twisted every now and then to change your mind , and there were these pages that I had to re-read to let them sink in my heart .
so all in all , Its nice , it will give you warm fuzzies yet will make you cry . it carries the right message and is an easy read . Generally , it was worth the read .

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Emer Fascinating!!! I love how you've compared your feelings for this with how you felt about Love in the Time of Cholera. Just so brilliant and unique :)))) I'm glad you found something to love in this book Shahad dear. It wasn't to my taste when I read it but perhaps it was a case of bad timing much like events in the book to some extent. Great review dearest Xx

message 2: by Shahad (last edited Jan 24, 2017 02:42PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Shahad takleef Emer (ALittleHaze) wrote: "Fascinating!!! I love how you've compared your feelings for this with how you felt about Love in the Time of Cholera. Just so brilliant and unique :)))) I'm glad you found something to love in this..."

Thank you Ems <3
Yeah , I think timing is important , I told you many may consider it sappy , but I loved it , it made me cry , so sappy or not , Who cares ?! I maybe needed some cheesy romance to read XD !!! and well, i couldn't think of any other than Sparks Lol

Emer Oh Sparks certainly has his place in my hesrt. A Walk to Remember will always be a special book for me even though I know it makes lots of people gag and roll their eyes because of the saccharine sweetness!!! But who cares! I loved it and you lived this. That's what's important. I'm so glad this made you happy <3333

message 4: by Shahad (last edited Jan 24, 2017 02:58PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Shahad takleef I remember the first book I've read by him was Message in a bottle , i was 17 , in the airport looking for a classic to read , I had my friend with me , when i didn't find the classic , she told me to buy something from the Romance shelf Lol *maybe she dragged me all the way , then shoved a Random book at me *, i wasn't so much into Romance by then
and i bought it ,but i didn't read it for years !! but then someday I did and i think i had the very same feeling I do have for this book .
So , Yes , Exactly , its the way Sparks books are ,

Emer I've come back to this review after reading Love in the Time of Cholera for myself and the comparisons you've drawn are even more interesting to me now. There was nothing remotely romantic about LitToC, the love was so twisted and perverted by obsession and time. Whereas with this this book it seemed more a bittersweet love? And altogether felt healthier than the crazed obsession of LitToC!!!

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