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Breaking Him by R.K. Lilley
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6 STARS – New Top Favorite Read for 2015!

“Breaking him until he was as broken as me was the only thing that would ever be enough.”

You know that moment when you begin a book you’ve been waiting for and you think to yourself, “OH DAMN! I’m not going to sleep tonight?”
That was me after right after I read the first page in this book!

“I wanted to score a hit before I ever even had to look at him. He’d had the nerve to come into my territory. I’d make him pay.”

Scarlett and Dante’s story is not your typical second chance, friends to lovers romance. Their story is littered with land mines and slivers of shattered hearts that stretches back years. Having met at a very young age and becoming one another’s only true friend happened in the most unexpected way. Coming from two completely different worlds did nothing to hinder their ever changing bond. Inseparable from a young age, Scarlett and Dante have the kind of bond that is in severable; no matter how badly they hurt each other or who tries to pry them apart. Years have passed since they last seen each other, in a split second the frenzy of hate, rage and temptation reignites an inferno of consuming emotions and desire. The past betrayals are still seared on their tattered hearts, causing old heartbreak to rear its ugly, vengeful head and the memories rush over them once again. Brought back together under the worst possible circumstances seems to be both a blessing and a curse. Scarlett hasn’t changed much over the years; she’s still the angry and strong willed girl that Dante fell in love with as a young boy. She has trust and abandonment issues, due to her childhood, but they are warranted and I understood her on every level. She’s been abandoned, mistreated and tormented almost her entire life how could she not be bitter and jaded? Dante after all this time is very much affected by her, even when his world is crumbling around him and he suffers a crushing loss. Even then their passion refuses to be extinguished…

“I look back on that pivotal encounter of ours often, and I always ending asking myself two questions. Like most things in my life, they are at odds with each other. Did that meeting save me? Or did it ruin my life?”

When R.K. Lilley releases a new book, it goes on my kindle, no questions asked. I don’t even need to read the blurb. She is one of my all-time favorite authors for a reason, and Breaking Him is the newest reason on an endless list of whys. Her stories and writing style never fail to put me into an obsessive state. James and Bianca, Tristen and Danika, and now Scarlett and Dante, have wormed their way into my heart and will never leave. Erotic romance at its absolute best, Breaking Him will own you. It owned me from page one. I started it immediately after I purchased it and I didn’t put it down until I had read every last word at 1am this morning. It’s been a very long time, since I denied myself sleep for a book, and this one was worth every single second. I had no clue what time it was until I finished! Losing track of everything that was happening outside the pages… best kind of reading experience EVER!

“I felt moved by two overwhelming urges in equal parts. I wanted to slap him silly and fuck him blind.”

“Because I wanted to hurt him. As usual, I wanted to make him bleed.”

Emotional to the extreme, funny, sexy beyond reason and impassioned, this book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I fell in love with Scarlett and Dante from the start. Scarlett is the best kind of heroine, she’s as hard as nails, no one’s push over and has a wall built around her heart that appears to be indestructible. Dante, (WHO IS MINE BTW) is irresistible in every possible way; he’s the hero, her hero, sexy, dominating, possessive and protective. I adored him! (New Book Boyfriend ladies right here)! The best of parts of Breaking Him are all of them, it’s impossible to pinpoint just one as the entire book is just irrefutable perfection. The writing, the story, the emotion, the secrets, the betrayals, the lies and omissions of truth, the chemistry and passion that sets you on fire, all of it, just perfection!

“What happens when two people of terrible pride fall for each other? Terrible things. Destruction. Chaos. Pain. Sorrow. War.”

R.K. Lilley brought her A game and then some with this book, I want to scream from the roof tops about how totally fabulous it is, it is your next top read for 2015! It’s now on my top reads for the year and my all-time favorites list and deservedly so. Breaking Him is the first book in a new series, Breaking Her is the sequel that will follow later this year and with that being said, don’t wait, go NOW and pick up this book! Massive Cliffhanger aside this needs to be your next read, it was just that damn fabulous!
Love. Is. War.

“He leaned close touching our foreheads together. “Not this. Not us. Neither of us have a choice in this. You and I being together is not a question, Scarlett, it’s a fact of life.”
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