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Styx's Storm by Lora Leigh
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Dec 30, 2010

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Another good read in the Breed series. Styxx the lovable playboy has been sent on a mission to track down the daughter of some Breed scientists that has been missing for fourteen years. Only she hasn't really been missing. Styxx, and some other less savory characters have been tracking or chasing her for years in the hopes of obtaining her and finding the missing data chip her father entrusted to her before he died.

The initial meeting between Storm and Styxx is amusing and draws you in as he appears out of nowhere to save her from some rather nasty Coyote trackers. She assumes he doesn't know who she is, but he so totally does. Doesn't stop him from giving her the best sex of her life either. Damn the sexual chemistry between these two is hot! Even when she realizes that Styxx has been one of the people tracking her all the years - not discerning the fact that he's been protecting her in the hopes she'd come to Sanctuary on her own - does the sexual chemistry cool. They're mates. Only this times something's wrong. Something is blocking the mating heat from fully coming into play and while Storm seems unaware of it, it's driving poor Styxx crazy. He's made it clear that even though she's technically unclaimed because he's incapable of marking her (though everything in him screams to do so) that he will protect her at all costs. That means even defying Jonas - who even though now mated is still quite the bastard.

I love that we get to see a glimpse of Sanctuary life, including Del Rio and Anya again. I love that the mating heat is actually caused by nothing scientific, but rather it's a mental block on both sides caused by a lack of trust. When those walls come down and they truly trust, love, and believe in each other the mating heat goes into overload. The playboy is tamed and Storm finally feels safe again.

Now I need to get Jonas' book as it would seem he has been somewhat tamed by the love of his mate. I didn't think that was even possible. ;)

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